Thursday, September 15, 2005

Visit to Fisherman Village @ Muara Tebas

Before we plan to go home, the sky became dark and the sun was cover by clouds. So I change my mind and decided to have a walk on the jetty, I was very frustrated because my digicam is on low batt mode. I still have a lot of view to be capture into my digicam.

As my friend and I walk on the jetty, we can feel the warm breeze blowing at us. Wei Shian look at me and laugh, he told me that my face looks red. I look at my own hand, it is very red as well. Just when we reach the end of the jetty, the digicam batt finally runs off. Oh man! I hate it, with all of this great view, but can’t capture them. I must come back again to take more photos, if not I will not be satisfy.

I start to chat with the people at the jetty. One of them told me that this is the first time he fish here, and hopes that he could catch a big fish to barbeque. The tide is very low, is hard to catch a fish with low tide. One of them had caught one very strange fish, its throat grows big like a ball, and there are tinny thorns. That guy use a lighter to burn its ball shape throat, what a fucker. I look back from the jetty, and I can see The Green Mountain Rock Temple became very small. I hurry switch on my digicam, and use the last power to shot that view.

When we walk back, two kids were sitting in front of their house. I look closer, and saw a round shape species with a long tail. Is a horseshoe crab, it had live since the time before the dinosaur age. The kid said he caught it, and plan to barbeque it with his girlfriend tonight.

The jetty, there’s a seafood restaurant on the left site

This is Wei Shian on a smaller jetty.

Low tide, most of the boats is park here and tie up at the stick to prevent their bots floating away when high tide.

Two fisher man is painting their boat, and a lot of fishing nets can be seen here.

Me on the jetty

Fishing boat.

When I look back I was wondering how do they build this jetty, how they build the foundation? How can the cement dry on wet land?

The Green Mountain Rock Temple. Actually I have a few panoramas shot on the temple and the fisherman village, but the output is not very good so I didn’t post it up. When I shoots, the batt is almost ran out so I didn’t pay much attention when I shoot it.

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cooknengr said...

Kid, except for the little distraction on the lower right corner Photo #7 is the best, nice depth.

Turn off your LCD dispaly and use the optical view finder when you see low battery light come on and you can eaisly extend the batt life.

Excellent post of a lonely, time forgoten fishing village.