Friday, March 31, 2006

22nd Mile of Kuching-Serian Road

Some of the view that I’ve shoot when I visit to grandma house last Sunday.

back home
This place is called Tapah Village, and is at 22nd mile of the Kuching-Serian road. Though this is not the place where I grew up, but each time when I visit grandma it give me a “home sweet home” feeling.

This photo is taken at the garden just in front of grandma house. That time I just finish my dinner, and I ate too much. Grandma just keep on telling me to EAT, EAT, EAT…


Anonymous said...

I can tell you, it will not be hard for you to outdo the H20 guy (sorry!). Right now, I believe you are already ahead if it is measured against age (sorry H20 again!)

Tapah is a great place, a place you can truly call sanctuary at the end of work days.
Sometimes I wonder why people would leave for town where there is very little to offer except traffic, and more traffic.

Do you know that Tapah has the best kopi-O and noodle soup?


Wilson said...

Thanks Jungleman. fh2o he had teach me a few of photography tips last time :)
Each time when I visit grandma, I didn't go to the coffee shop. hm~~i should try it next time, thanks for the info. Sounds like you are from Kuching, Tapah Village?
Where do you stay now?

Ice Lemon Tea said...

wow! love your 1st photo very much... the sky of tapah village so beautiful!!

kElly 2!!2 said...

nice pic u hav there

Wilson said...

summer wing & kelly2!!2 -
Thanks, glad you all like my photos :)

ahchuan said...

you are good photographer!! there have really nice pic. u have taken. wish have a nice day!