Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Costa Rica Resort a.k.a. Le Paris Resort and Beach

After breakfast, we then head to the bus station to buy ticket. It cost RM7.00 from K.L to Port Dickson damn cheap. At K.L they can go anywhere from state to state with cheap price, but at Sarawak just from Kuching to Sibu a simple few hours bus ride also cost more than RM40. During my college time, I’ve use bus once from Kuching to Sibu to visit my cousin, and after I reach Sibu I make a promise to myself that this is the first and last time I’ll ever use a bus to anyplace within Sarawak. So next time I travel, I prefer plane, the price is more or less the same.

Now before I went to PD, I’ve googled a lot of information from the net. And from the net I can see the resort that I’m staying are beautiful and grand. I still remember in primary school, I use to learn from text book that Pork Dickson is a tourist destination, and is famous for its beautiful beach. Well, it is “beautiful” alright…

My friend told me Costa Rica is famous of its haunted stories. A lot of testimony from the people I know around me, they advice me not to stay up too late during my stay there. Did I encounter any “thing” from there? Email me and I’ll tell you my story. My dear reader, next post will be the “Beautiful” view on the resort, and the “Tasty” food.

Counter No.9, I bough my ticket here

955007 my ticket serial number (the next lottery first price number), it cost RM7 from KL to PD.

We depart at Platform 14.

Pudu bas station beside selling bus tickets, for me it’s also like a wet market. Very noisy, hot, and stink.

Finaly I can sit down, enjoy the aircon, and sleep. Yesterday it was a torture, six people sleep in one tiny room.

I sleep, awake, sleep, awake again. Notice there’s a lot of long vehicle. Take the opportunity to test my shooting skill on fast moving object.

I still need more practice.

Port Dickson 32KM away, beautiful beach, hot chick here I come.

The Costa Rica resort, we actually walk from the bus terminal at PD to Costa Rica, the distant was 500M. We’re lucky it didn’t rain that time.

My friend told me that Costa Rica had change her name to Le Paris Hotel Resort. Wonder why?
Sorry for the blur photos. Photos are shoot by my camera phone. I need to save the memory space on my Olympus camera for other beautiful beach scene.