Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Langkawi Visitation 2008

My trip to Langkawi was great, but is a bit rush. I went there with a bunch of my friends, together there are over 10 of us. We’ve stay there for two days one night; I was at Penang that time. And bought our boat tickets to Langkawi, it cost RM105 per tickets (return ticket). Our boat leaves at 8:30am, so we have to check-in 30 minutes before the boat leave the port. Is a THREE hours boat ride. I don’t take heavy meal that morning, cause I know I might get sea sick. The weather is great, morning breeze blowing gently on my face. This will be a wonderful trip for sure.

The boat leave Penang port right on time, we all sat nicely inside the boat. The current was strong, and it made the boat shake tremendously. After an hour sitting inside the boat, I went up to the deck to get some fresh air. Then my friends follow, some of them are starting to get sea sick. We didn’t know that it would be this shaky, so we didn’t prepare any medicine for sea sick. But at the deck is much better than staying inside the boat. I saw seagulls flying surrounding the boat, dolphins chasing on the back of the boat…*alright, the dolphin part is not true :P The weather is just nice, not too hot and not raining. There are also a lot of foreigners going to Langkawi.

The three hours is like never end, I felt a bit dizzy after two and a half hours sitting on the deck. But I know it will be worse if I stay inside the cabin. Langkawi as far as I know (reading from geography books) is a non-duty division, back in my home town there’s a Island called “Labuan” is a two hours boat ride to there, and is a non-duty division as well. So when I reach Langkawi, I can buy cheap wine, chocolate, tobacco, and liquor. But nah~I don’t drink and smoke much, I’ll just get myself chocolate.

I reach Langkawi at 11:25am, and we rent two van with RM80 each. The rent car service is just like check-in to a hotel, we “check-in” at 12non, and have to return at 12non the next day, if return it late, then will have to bear some extra charges. Okey! After I get the van, I’ve requested a map from them. And off we go exploring this beautiful Island.

We start our trip by having lunch, vegetarian lunch to be precisely. Most of my friends are vegetable, so this time I’m following them. Then we check-in at a home style hotel, the hotel cost RM60 per room, and it can accommodate four people. Its clean, it have air-condition, hot shower, and a television, we all like it. After checking in, we all drive to the famous cable car park. The “Langkawi Cable Car” is located on the south-west coast of Langkawi, is a 30 minutes drive from Kuah Town. This is the first time I ever ride in a cable car, it cost RM25 for Malaysian. Is a 2.2KM from the base until the top station. The cable car has a spectacular view, it take us all the way to the top of Mount Mat Cincang. From the peck, is 710 meter above sea level, but I’m curious on why is not as cold as is like at Genting Highland. I only felt cold when there is breeze blowing. From the peak, I saw the view of the whole island group, the Datai Peninsula, and the Andaman Sea. Is an unforgettable ride, and the fun part is one of my friend is afraid of height, and we all get to tease him on his phobia on height.

After that, we’ve visited the Laman Padi Museum, this is a rice paddy museum which display the artifacts, charts and photographs of the padi cultivation in the country. Then we’ve visited the “Underwater World”, the famous legendary prices Mahsuri monastery. This memorial is erected in honor of Mahsuri, she is a fair maiden who was unjustly accused of adultery. According to legend, she bled white blood at her execution as a sign of her innocence. And in her dying breath, she laid a curse on the island that it would remain barren for seven generations. So fast forward to present day, the seven generations have passed, and Langkawi today is a flourishing tourist destination!!! We went back to the hotel, and call it a day. I’m tired of driving, reading maps, and hot. I think I might get sick…for dinner, we went to the same place for vegetarian dinner, and for supper. I drink my friends (non-vegetarian) to a beach area to have sea food supper. We all enjoyed the supper, and it was delicious :)

The next morning, we went to the Kuah Town, this is the island main town. Why “Kuah” so according to legend again, Kuah in Malay means “Gravy” and long time ago there are two giants battling, and who overturned a gigantic pot of curry at the spot where the town now stands, and that’s why they name it Kuah. Eagle Square of Dataran Lang is a must visit place when at Langkawi, there lie a huge Eagle statue, it’s a giant brown eagle majestically poised for flight. And is like the signature of Langkawi Island, this is the most prominent landmark for visitor. I took a lot of photos with the giant eagle, this place is a beautiful place, and it also has a scenic ponds, bridges, covered terraces, restaurants and barrel vaults made of bricks.

Well, good time fly. We “check-out” the van at 12non, and went to the nearby shopping center to buy chocolate, and some souvenir. This time, my friend prepares medicine for sea sick, I ate two with an empty stomach, and I can feel the medicine strength after 30 minutes. Immediately I board the ship, and sleep all the way back to Penang. This is an unforgettable trip, but we only manage to explorer 40% of the island. Next time we need to stay longer to explorer more. Enjoy the photos my dear readers :)

















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