Sunday, November 09, 2008

Flood at Kuala-Lurah Road, Limbang

There’s a very heavy rain the day before I went to Miri. My brother and I are using bus, and a part of the road had badly hit by flood. The bus start at 8:00am, and it reach the flood part at around 8:50am. The bus driver stops, and went to check on the situation. The bus was full of passenger, and if he pulls back, the company will make a big lost. And some of the passenger needs to get to Miri by today as well.

The Kuala-Lurah road is the only way to Brunei, then to Miri. Due to the heavy rain last night, the lower part of the area had flood.

Normal cars can’t cross the flooded part, as the water level are a few feet high. It will definitely damage the car.

Our bus driver had asked the locals on the high of the water level, and decided to give it a shoot. Here goes our bus…

Here a clips when the bus driver drive cross the flooded road.

Yes, we made it. I’m so happy that we’re able to cross this road, if not it would delay my plan; I have to go to Sabah at the end of October. I have to go back Kuching to get ready.

The time was 12.00pm. After 3 hours of ride, we’ve reach the Brunei immigration office, after we stamp our passport we will be entering Miri, into the soil of Sarawak.

There is a special section for bus passenger to stamp our passport, so we don’t need to queue on the kiosk for normal vehicles.

12:36pm, reach Miri bus terminal. Our friend is at the bus stop waiting for my brother and I, we went for lunch.

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