Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Day I went Back to Kuching

Good time goes by fast. I enjoy every minutes spend at home, today my flight back to Kuching is 6.15pm, which mean I have to be at the airport 45 minutes earlier.

It looks like Rocky want to follow me and Kerry :P that stupid dog~ shu Rocky ! You can’t follow us.

This is the first time my younger brother Kerry and I drive form Limbang to Miri, we depart at 11am. Reach the immigration border at 12pm.

For Brunei, we need to had our passport stamps for two times.

There’s a short-cut where can save you 1 hour 45 minutes of car drive. But we just can’t seems to remember which turns is first, is it left? Or right?
Hope Kerry’s GPS will lead us correctly, ok MapKing do your magic.

Kerry: “Shit, bro I forgot to charge my PDA last night, and is almost ran out of batt.”
Wilson: “… o_O so what else is new?!”

No wonder the weather is hot, they burning the trees.

We overtake a lot of vehicles along our way, is fun. If I’m driving a better car like Ferrari or SLK, I think I can break the 4 hours record from Limbang to Miri.

Paying the toll, we’re almost there…

Yap, we’re at Miri now. What! Miri is burning the trees as well. Don’t you guys love tress, they are the lungs of the planet.

My brother has to drive his gf, so he drops me at the airport like two hours earlier. What a brother :(

M ticket back to Kuching, oh. How I wish I can stay longer at home.

Yap, this is it. I’m boarding the plane.

The view is breathtaking, if only I had a better camera.

The Kuching International Airport, I arrive just in time.

Back to normal life again…


cooknengr said...

Hey Kid, you can capture nice picture with what you have, don't need DSLR lah. BTW, I need to know the Limbang Miri short cut. We 'll be driving Borneo highway in August.

Wilson said...

taiko - Thanks, I do plan to get a D90 soon. My brother had set the border name from Limbang-Miri shortcut, I'll send it to u after i get it ;) u just enter it in ur GPS that'll do the job.

wow, coming back to Malaysia, nice ;) give me a call k.

BorneoExplorer said...

You are only a Sarawak Wonderer.