Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Beliong Temple

I’ve been to this place few years back, and the construction was not yet complete. And today I get to follow my buddy from the Buddhist temple to revisit the place. That day it rain the whole day, if not I would be able to take more outdoor photos.


From Kuching city to Asajaya it took us around an hour of car ride, beliong is a place name. And to get there we need to cross a river, the temple is situated opposite the river. Though the place was build very remotely, but there are still many people came for praying.


While taking photos, I meet a little boy, a little girl and a dog. Running around with the dog, and playing in the rain. Being kids are good, no worries, no burden, just relax and enjoy everyday life.

Here I made a little clips with the photos and video that I’ve shoot that day :D
Is gonna be a busy weekend, so I have to go to bed first. Good night.

Wilson Chin's Bunleong Visitation at 2008


Anonymous said...

Beautiful travelogue!

It’s not the final destination, it’s the journey; the car trip, especially the boat ride across the chocolaty muddy river in the rain. The temple is “clearly” visible from across the river and I think the anticipation of getting there despite the rain actually make a great story. Thanks for sharing.

Here is another travelogue, destination Mt. Sinai and hope you would enjoy it as much as I did.


Wilson said...


Thanks :)
It was very colorful viewing the temple across the river, and I'm very excited when I was there.
I'll post my Mt Singai trip in my next post, see ya