Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Trip to The Jangka Waterfall

Start my trip at 8AM morning; drive around 1 ½ hours reach the Jangkar Village. We stop by to ask for direction, and were told that the waterfall is not here, we have to drive deep to reach the village inside. Drove another ½ hour, finally we got the correct path.


There are only a few houses available in the Kampung Jantan (where the waterfall is). Most of them work as a rubber tapper. We need a guide to walk us to the fall, and hire a local kid and tip him after we reach the fall.

The walk start at 10.15AM, and my team reach the fall at around 11AM. Was a bit late, cause one chubby friend need to stop frequently for rest.

The fall is magnificent. It’s a treasure that was yet to be discovered by most of the people. The fall is about 3 to 4 stories height. And one of the local guy actually jump from the middle of the waterfall, that’s crazy!!!

The weather is HOT, a perfect time to soak in the cold breezing water! My dear reader, this is a highly recommended place to visit next time when you’re at Kuching. To go there, drop me an email and I’ll draw a map for you. Cheers :)


Anonymous said...

yo..bring me to this place when i visit Kuching at the end of this year...BBT

Anonymous said...

hello wilson...nice to meet you...i'm frm kl n am currently pursuing my studies in kuching here...My friends and I are in fact planning for a trip to Jangka Waterfalls this coming Saturday, 24th July 2010...the only problem is that we don't know the way to get there and need much of ur assistance...can u draw us a map leading us to that place from Kuching?my e-mail address ( wilson :-)

Wilson said...

zhi yong - no problem, but advance booking is require.

puniboss - no problem will email u.