Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Most beautiful temple at Penang, the Kek Lok Si temple 极乐寺

I visited the most beautiful temple at Penang, is on top of a hill, and it's called the Kek Lok Si temple (极乐寺). In the Buddhist teaching, there is a place called the "Pure Land of the West" in Chinese is 极乐世界. The temple name was adapt from there.

I'm impress with the building structure, they have really details painting, and magnificent engraving, very huge Buddha statue, beautiful panoramic view on the hill top, and more.

I like where they have a lot of souvenir stalls on the way to the temple, and also a lot of food stalls. I tried some of the food there and it was really nice :)

That day when I visited the place, it was a cloudy day, I like it cause is not that hot. Took a lots of photos this time, the photos that I took 2 years back are all corrupted. I will make sure that I capture every details this time, and keep my photos in a safe place.

I've made a shot clip on my kek lok si temple trip together with my parents, check it out my friend.



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