Sunday, February 17, 2013

Is All Inclusive Worth It?

Many people sing the praises of all inclusive holidays as a cost-effective way to spend your holiday. After all when you book into an all inclusive hotel you’ll get all of your meals, snacks and drinks included. That’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, perhaps an afternoon tea here and there, and alcoholic drinks - along with soft drinks for the little ones of course. On top of that, some all inclusive hotels will also throw in free or discounted usage of their on-site facilities or activities too, whether it’s complimentary spa treatments, access to the nearby golf course or discounted archery lessons.

If you intend to spend most of your time in or near the hotel - perhaps lazing by the pool and sitting on the nearby beach, give or take the odd half day’s excursion - then an all inclusive holiday is probably worth it. You’ll save bags of money once you get there, perfect if you’re on a tight budget or if you’re just there for a bit of straightforward sun, sea and sand.

But on the negative side, it can detract from some of the wonderful experiences you’ll have if you book an alternative board basis. What if you book all inclusive and then decide, when you get there, that the local restaurants are pretty cheap - and you’d much rather eat out at night than dine in the hotel? By then it’s too late. Of course you can skip the hotel meals and dine out every night if you fancy it - but it seems like a waste of money when you’ve already paid for all inclusive.

There are pros and cons to all inclusive, and whether you opt for a package break - such as one of the many Thomas Cook vacations available - or go your own way by booking your own hotel and flights, you’ll have to face this decision sooner or later. It all depends what you’re likely to do when you get there. So do your homework. Check the traveller review sites to find out what the hotel restaurant is like and how it compares to the local eateries, and find out what the cost of living is like. Just a few hours’ research could be the difference between a good holiday... and a truly great one.

Guess Post By: Katerina Crowder

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