Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Medicine Buddha Chanting Ceremony

I went to a Buddhist Temple at Kuala Lumpur, Cheras. Went there to become volunteer workers, as a photographer. They are organizing a 7 days chanting season. So I volunteer to become one of their photographer.

The Buddha teaching maybe different from other religion, and let me share with you some of the things that you will encounter if you join a Buddhist chanting ceremony like this.
Lights offering for a bright future
Lights offering, once offering light to themselves or relative or friends to wish the light will serve like the lighthouse to guide the ship on finding the correct path when sailing.

The canvas of wishes
Canvas to fulfill wishes, as one must pray and believe in themselves that the future is in our own hand, and if we live in the present. Perform everything with full hearted, our wish will eventually come true.

Offering for the Unborn and Abortion children
Offering to the unborn babies, and abortion. As in the Buddhist teaching, abortion is one of the most serious sin. So the unborn will feel hated on not able to come to this world. Offering and teaching them the way to forgive and be compassion is the way for them to let go of anger, and reincarnate again to be a good person in their next life.

Chanting season on going
Master Ti Zheng from Taiwan, reading out the people's name who came to participate the ceremony. And wishes them to be able to follow the teaching with full hearted.

Each hands represent an offering
Each hand offers different offering to the spirit which is now paying their debt in a different world. They suffer from all kinds of punishment there, and one of the way to end is to let them know the teaching, and practice it  sincerely. By only then, they can end their suffer.

Ti Zheng Master from Taiwan
The Liang Huang Repentant Sutra
The Liang Huang Emperor Repentant Sutera, its about an evil queen doing endless sin to make people suffer, and due to that, she die terribly, and become a snake.

She seek for help to the emperor, and the Liang Huang emperor asked advice from Buddhist monk who then teach him that he can chant the Buddhist sutera, and make repentant on behave of the queen.

In the end, he did, and not only the queen ends her suffering, but also vow to become a Buddhist, and spread the advantages of this sutera.

The chef in the kitchen preparing all the delicious vegetarian for the past 7 days. It was so delicious that I gain a few KG after that 7 days.

Ring Bells
A few instrument used during the chanting season, and these two ring bells are use to give instruction about the chanting interval, and also use to summon the suffering spirit from another world.

Chanting ceremony
Everyone are paying their full concentrate during the chanting season. So my job is try to take the best shoot possible within these 7 days.

Sarawak Team
The very capable team from Sarawak. We handle the decoration, transportation, arrangement, procurement, electric work and any other mater which is related in the Buddhist temple.

A short clips that I made during the 7 days chanting ceremony. 

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