Friday, September 20, 2013

Visiting Mukah Town, The ex-Sago factory chimney

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Mukah, Sarawak, Malaysia, is a coastal town which serves as the administrative center of the Mukah District in Mukah Division, Sarawak. It is located by the South China Sea, about 2.5 hours by road from the city of Sibu.
20130914_134501_Jalan Airportwtmk
That day I went to Mukah for work and travel, its was the first time that I visit Mukah. It was a one hour flight from Kuching to Mukah, with a DHC-6 twin otter 19 seats plane.
The Mukah airport is just like the Limbang old airport, its a house looking airport, with a canteen, a checkin area, and a waiting area. See the man in the mirror, that's me :)
First thing that I did when reach there was to eat the kolo noodles, this is like a habit. Whenever I visit a place in Sarawak, I will definitely eat their local made kolo noodles. So by far the most tasty noodles is from Sibu.
20130914_174641_Setia Raja Boulevardwtmk
In the town area, mostly are Chinese people doing business. And surprisingly Mukah has a lot of Hotels and Inn, I'm not sure that's the tourist attraction for this place, but the local people told me that the hotels are always full. O_o"
20130915_081232_Setia Raja Boulevardwtmk
The district council build the wet market, and I like the floor design. Very obvious now I know that this is a fish market.
20130915_081613_Setia Raja Boulevardwtmk
The Sago palm thrives in the peat soils of the Rajang Delta. In the 19th century, local cheiftains grew rich from the labour of farmers who extracted the starchy pith of tall palms manually. Sago factories streamlined this process. In the early 20th century the price of sago flour fell sharply. The Mukah factory closed, leaving behind a 20 meter tall brickwork chimney.
20130915_082059_Setia Raja Boulevardwtmk
20130915_082509_Setia Raja Boulevardwtmk
20130915_093432_Setia Raja Boulevardwtmk
The Batang Mukah Bridge, one of the most notable structures of Mukah. But unfortunately I do not have the time to go visit that bridge. All I went is just roam in the Mukah Town, the airport and the bus station are very near with just 2 - 3 KM away from the town area.
Ok Captain, fly me back to Kuching...
When going back to Kuching, it was another hour of flight. I cannot sleep in the plane cause the turbine sound was too noisy >.<"

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