Friday, April 25, 2014

The Borneo Sarawak, Sibu Town trip with Wilson Chin

Sibu is an inland town, and the capital of Sibu District in Sibu Division, Sarawak, east Malaysia. It is located at the confluence of the Rajang and Igan Rivers, some 60 kilometres from the ocean and approximately 183.3 kilometres east-north-east of the state capital Kuching. The population is dominated by Chinese especially the Fuzhou as well as indigenous Melanau, Malay, and Iban.
20140419_175108_Jalan Bengkelwtmk
The first thing each time that I reach Sibu, its the kampua noodles. Sibu is very famous of this noodles, its like a Sibu delicacy. The food at Sibu are cheap, so Sibu is a food heaven, you can eat all you want with a lot of variety, and cheap price.
20140419_174917_Jalan Bengkelwtmk
The Sibu town area have a lot of Chinese, and most of them operate business here. Its safe to walk alone as Sibu has a low crime rate compare to other big cities on West Malaysia. The people in the town, they have operate business for few generation.
20140420_082045_Jalan Lebuh Tinggiwtmk
So the business are passdown from father to son, and from son to their son again. So the other business operator knows each other very well, and they also know the person on the next lot, and the next, and the entire district. And that's what makes this place so happening, and people are so friendly.
20140419_175906_Jalan Bengkelwtmk
Friends are gathering together to drink coffee, dinner, chit chat, they hang out together almost everyday. The rhythm here are very relaxing. No crowded traffic, not much pollution, well... although some places are a bit dirty. But overall its still a very nice place.
20140419_180403_Jalan Majuwtmk
20140419_180539_Jalan Long Bridgewtmk
20140419_180624_Jalan Majuwtmk
20140419_181418_Jalan Sanyanwtmk
This is my favourite place, cause FOOD!!! and its cheap too!!! One of my must visit place each time when I reach Sibu. Simply love it.
20140419_181431_Jalan Sanyanwtmk
20140419_181501_Jalan Sanyanwtmk
20140419_182236_Jalan Sanyanwtmk
20140419_182843_Jalan Lebuh Tinggiwtmk
Checkout the "Twin Tower" tsk tsk : )
20140419_214954_Jalan Pedadawtmk
I ate non-stop since morning I reach Sibu, and I can't stop, cause too many yummy food to eat.
20140420_084436_Jalan Pahlawanwtmk
Last but not least, my favourite. Sibu Kampua Noodles (extra large version) 

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Health Inspector said...

Some places in Sibu is still very unclean. We went to this Singapore Chicken Rice franchise opposite Premier God, that restaurant is disgustingly dirty !!!