Monday, December 19, 2016

Rock Garden Mount Murud at Sarawak Borneo 砂劳越姆鲁山的岩石公园

Mount Murud is the highest and sacred peak mountain in Sarawak with 2423 meter above sea level, I treked up Murud Mount and camp at the SIB Church Camp (2,135 metres above sea level). The trek takes us up the northern flank of the mountain, offering a magnificient panoramic views of the surrounding mountain view. The Church Camp is the largest evangelical mountain church in the nation, a pilgrimage site for thousands of people. The church camp is the only place to stay on this adventure. 

On my way up to the summit, I pass through a very different type of vegetation, the so called mossy forest, muddy trail route, waterfall ridge, and encounter beautiful carnivorous pitcher plants. What attracted me the most of this the Rock Garden.
The Rock Garden are a plateau that had various kind of rock formation, some huge some small.
With a little bit of creative imagination, you can name some of the formation base on the shape of the rock, like this I think it looks like a foot?!
这条嘛就像什么呢...? 😜
The SIB Church camp is at the Linanit mount, as there is a tiny white dot near the summit of the mount in this picture... that's the chuch camp.
Me resting at one of the rock, its really hot that day. While I took this picture, I can felt the burn on my butt, but my friend wants to take the perfect picture, so ask me to stay there until he can get the shoot he wants 😅
Looks like a monkey

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