Saturday, October 17, 2020

The Segong River and Adis Buan with My Family

After reached the Adis Buan resort (can google map for location), there is an entrance at the right of the resort in which look something like this. Normally the locals will use this trailhead to go into the jungle. 
It rains yesterday, and the trail is extremely muddy, so this is a good experience for my children and wife, as these city people can experience the feeling of hiking on a muddy trail. 😝
I felt very happy that two of my children likes the trail very much, I want to train them, so they can go hike with me soon. And also make them care for nature. 
The Segong river has crystal clear water, I like this place very much. I hike to the Ulu Segong are before, which you can read it here
This is the most enjoyable moment of my life, bringing my family to enjoy nature on a weekend.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Exploration to the Kampung Kiding and Gareg Waterfall at the Bengoh Range area

In the year 2015 was my first visit to Kampung Kiding, as my friends and I hike all the way up from the base until Kampung Kiding (the very last village)

One of the big improvement for this place its now they have Tar Road all the way from the base until the last kampung (village)

Unlike back in the old days, so now in order to hike to this place, it is also compulsory to hire a local guide from the ketua kampung. The guide in yellow, he is in his 70s, retires Sarawak forestry staff, so now he follows us to go hiking most of the time.

Giant ginger

There are many bamboo bridges along the way, and the village maintains all these really well.

Kampung Kiding it's one of the many kampung which situated inside the meteor crater from millions of years ago. In which created all of these wonderful landscapes.

Due to its unique geographical landscape, this kampung it's situated at an average of 450 meter above sea level.

Bamboo shoot, a local delicacy, very tasty if you cook it with curry. 

My friends are mostly in their senior stage, so it took us quite some time to hike, as we will stop occasionally for rest, photos, and chitchat. 

I remember that in school, I was being taught by counting the annual rings of wood growth inside the tree, we can know roughly how old its the tree. 
For example, you look at this one here, easily reach up to 50 round circle and above. But to cut down a tree, you will only need less than an hour if using a chainsaw. 

The trail to the waterfall it's beautiful, there are fruit trees, vegetable plantation, paddy field, small farm hut, running water connected with bamboo, and more.

This place has been clear quite a lot, I remember 5 years ago, this area it's still full of trees and vegetation. and now most of it its paddy

I like this view, the range its called the Bengoh Range. it's a long stretch of the mountain range which was created million years ago when a meteor hit this area. 

A few times that I almost step on the paddy, because it's so tiny, and also looks the same as normal grass.

The Gareg Waterfall at Kampung Kiding

Trail Data

Diatance: 4km (one way)
Max Elevation: 574 m
Min Elevation: 319
Total Time: 2h 50m ← we stop a lot for photos and rest

Saturday, September 26, 2020

The Bung Jagoi Heritage Centre Hike and the Bung Tesen Peak Viewpoint

With just around 320 meters above sea level, the Bung Jagoi it's one of the most family friendly trail available in Kuching. The trail is super easy to hike, and suitable for children and old people, a good weekend gateway. Not to forget it also has a very nice viewpoint on the summit peak. 
And if hiking is not your cup of tea, you can also bring your family to the waterfall, just a few mins hike at the base of the mountain. 

There is a big parking space for your car, a few ringgit per car.

This is a restaurant, and we paid our entrance fees here. They also offer daily tour package, which includes food. 
A friend of mine bring his 70+ years old mother and two young children to hike together, and impressively she made it to the summit. 

A waterfall trail just below the mountain. Good for children, as I know my children like to play in the water more than hiking to the summit. 

Very clear water from the mountain. 

view along the way to the summit

A souvenir shop a few mins before the summit peak viewpoint 

Villages use to stay here, but now most of them moved away. And converted some of their houses to local homestay

A traditional Bidayuk Baruk House

This is how the interior looks like

Continue on to the peak

So the summit peak is called Bung Tesen

A very easy and relaxing hike, you don't even need to break a sweat.

Enjoying the breaktaking panoramic view, further away will be the village like Kampung Serasot, Skibang, and the mountain range part of it will be the Bung Beratak at the right, and Gunung Udan (according to multiple maps which I can get online)

The abandon village houses at the summit of Jagoi

Bung Jagoin