Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Top 3 Mega Waterfalls in Sarawak 砂拉越前三名超级瀑布

As an explore I visited quite a number of places throughout Sarawak, I look for mountain to climb, jungle for trekking, hunt for waterfall, and seen some of the most breathtaking scene that I will remember for the rest of my life.

With the deforestation issue getting serious as days go by, I notice not much action are being taken, not the agency who said that they will do so. Therefore before its gone, I hope to record it down, and share it with the world, in hope that one day, there are certain agency bodies will come and take serious action about it.

In this post I'm going to list down the top 3 waterfalls that I visited during years of my exploration journey.



No.1 Tekiwit Waterfall
Location: Long Selaan, Ulu Baram
waterfall base, the height of the waterfall its around 100 meter single drop
Two falls, left and right
 Upper right fall
  Upper right fall
 Upper right fall
  Upper left fall
  Upper left fall
   Upper left fall
   Upper left fall
  Upper left fall

No. 2 Gelanggang Waterfall
Location: Mabong, Ulu Kapit
  Base of the waterfall

 a fan shape waterfall, Gelanggang its category as Fan Waterfall
 The height its more than 350 meter
高度超过 350 米

Hose Mountain

No.3 Eastern Julan Waterfall
Location: Usun Apau, Ulu Baram
 Around 120 meter single drop
高度有 120 米,直接兑入。
 The mighty Eastern Julan Waterfall
 The base of the watefall always have rainbow, because of the strong water current thus mist are form.

 This is the source of the Julan river

Upper tired of the Eastern Julan Waterfall, if you look closely my friends and I was standing at the edge of the waterfall.
swiming in the dark water
 Going further up of the upper tier.
 View from the upper tire
 Easter Julan upper fall
  Easter Julan upper fall
Camp in the Usun Apau plateau for 5 days 4 night, at an elevetion of more than 1000 meter above sea level.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

A 6 Hours One Way Mount Santubong Summit 1 OFF TRAIL Trekking

Normally when hike Mount Santubong, we will hike from either the park HQ entrance, or from Bukit Puteri, I joined a few of my hiking friends that day to hike mount Santubong, and this is from the South side, this will be an off trail hike.
The entrance its belongs to a Malay family, and they are kind enough to let us park our vehicle in front of their compound.
The trail start off with a flat ground, and many pitcher plant here and there. Most of them are no more bigger than the palm of my hand.

I think because there are less people here, so there are many mosquito. 

A dry river bed, we start to descent. 

We saw the national park boundary signboard, we are in Santubong National Park boundary now.

The landscape are getting steeper

Some of the rock face are 90 degree, no way to climb over it. But have to go around it.

Reached a view point, in front of us its the summit 1 of mount Santubong

Any idea this is from what animal?

One part where we are barely have anything to step on, its just on the edge of the cliff. 
This is the point where summit 1 meet with summit 2, the big gully between the two peaks.

Last push to reach the summit

And here I am, the usual summit 1 view point of Mount Santubong
We descent by using the official route fix by the national park ranger

Pantai Putery beach.
Distance: 3.85km (one way)
Time: 5h 51min
Elevation: 774