Monday, August 25, 2014

3 Fashion Looks With Daniel Wellington Watches

Daniel Wellington is well-known brand established by Filip Tysander offers a wide range of watches for both men and women. The brand watch designs are popular with its combination of simplicity and style that is suitable to be worn to any occasions. Whether you wear it to work, to parties or formal events, Daniel Wellington watches will look fashionable as ever on you.  

However, how can you style your DW watches with your outfit without looking too plain and simple. There are three looks which men can attempt on trying to bring out their masculinity and incredible fashion sense. The first look is the classic pair up of a business suit or tuxedo with a nice watch from Daniel Wellington. 

Men can show off their professionalism and charisma at the office or even formal dinner events with an exclusive leather strap DW wrist watch. Although you may look all dressed up for the occasion, the simplicity and classy touch of Daniel Wellington leather strap watches will surely make you look modest yet very stylish.

The next look is suitable for the men who want a stylish watch to wear on their casual day out with the dudes or relaxing during the weekend with their special someone. The Daniel Wellington coloured stripe strap will look perfect when matched with a long sleeved shirt or tee, Bermuda shorts and a nice pair of loafers.  It will show off a fun and laid back side of you in front of everyone while maintaining that sophisticated personality.

The third look is a semi-formal look where is suitable for men to attend parties, reunions, weddings and family functions. Men can wear leather or coloured stripe strap watch from Daniel Wellington and look dashingly handsome in front of everyone with confidence. This look gives off a boyish character and exposes your vulnerability and innocence. If you are wondering where to get the exclusive watches from Daniel Wellington, have a look at ZALORA as you can find a wide selection of stylish watches from the brand online.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Boat Tour to Bako Natiional Park at Sarawak, Borneo with Wilson Chin

The Bako National Park at Sarawak, Borneo. The oldest national park in Sarawak, driving needs around 30 minutes from Kuching City. I was there last week, bring a few friends from Johor to visit this place. My last visit was here (click to read). The place are very well organise, there are lodge, hostel, and camp site for visitor who wish to overnight. That day I went for day trip. Checkout the photos I took that day.

The famous Bako Seastack and Wilson Chin (me)

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Sematan Palm Beach Resort Family Trip with Wilson Chin and Friends

My weekend trip is went to Sematan Palm Beach Resort with my friends and family. Its a hot Saturday, and from Kuching we have to drive to Sematan, the journey takes about 1 1/2 hour.

Upon reaching the Sematan town, we stop by at the market to buy durian. And ate the durian on the spot too, very delicious when you get to eat with a bunch of good friends. Everyone want a piece of the durian, and we can eat as much as we want.

The sky was dark when we reach the resort, so since is hot that hot my friends and I get change and swim in the sea. They have a swimming pool, and the water in the pool are a bit salty.

That night, I ate a lot. My friends bring a lot of food over, and we also barbecue, and share our food with our neighbor. After dinner, we then play the lantern, and follow by a movie. Overall it was a fun trip :) will come back again in the future.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Durian harvesting at Pasir Pandak, Borneo Sarawak

The durian season starts now in Sarawak! I follow my cousin to the place where they supply the durian called the Pasir Pandak. This is my second visit to this place, the owner have a very big land, and planted a lot of durian trees.

Read my first visit here, and it was 5 years ago (click to read)

We need to use a basket, and carry the basket all the way to the hill top. Cause there are a few types of durian, and the good one are at the top. Along the way up hill, there are durians all over the place. So I just pick it up, and dunk into the basket behind me. Yet to reach to the top, my basket are full of durians already. Its very heavy, as both of my shoulder are painful because of the straps.

We manage to get a few hundred durian back to the hut, and bring is back home. That day I had durian for lunch and dinner O_o"