Thursday, April 23, 2015

Adventure trip to Chin Swee Cave Temple at Genting Highland with Wilson Chin

Went to Genting Highland for a 3 days 2 night trip, and one of the place I found very interesting is the Chin Swee Cave Temple, situated near the Genting Highland resort. You can use the free shutter bus from the first world hotel to reach there.

The Chin Swee translate to Chinese means clear water. The view are breathtaking, cause its situated on the top of the highland.
Many magnificent sculpture on the temple wall.
The godes of mercy
I read the story of The Journey to the West since I was little, and I like the story very much. I was born in the year of Monkey, so today I escort my master and protect him, and assist by two brothers to the Journey of the West to get the sutera. :P
My next destination, the tall Pagoda...
The highest are Level 9, ran up there, need to slowdown to catch my breath. But I did it!!!
Very nice view look above from Level 9 :)

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Santubong Camping Adventure with Wilson Chin and friend

Had a wonderful camping trip at Santubong campsite over the weekend, just 10 minutes walk from the park ranger office we reach this open space area with flat ground, and a ready barbecue pit. There is a nice river next to our campsite, and its very important cause we can get life saving water from the stream.

There are total of 8 person, and the food we had was bamboo chicken, bamboo rice, fish, pork, and as for desert, we have soft drink, chips, and jelly. I was extremely full after all these food, my belly cannot handle all the food. 

It was a hot day, and after night fall, i got bitten by a few sand-flies, so quickly jumps into my tent and sleep. Overall, wonderful trip, next trip plan to camp at waterfall area. 

Check out the 3D view created by Microsoft Photosynth, will do more of these in the future.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mount Hosanna Chapel with Wilson Chin, Borneo Sarawak

This is the Mount Hosanna Chapel, while on my way back from Sri Aman, I drop by this place, and it is located about 157 KM from Kuching city (near Seri Aman), Malaysian Borneo. You can see this chapel just beside the Kuching - Sri Aman highway.

What interesting about this place first is the design of the chapel, and second will be the story behind it, and it goes like where God spoke to the philanthropist who funded the church construction and healed his wife which is diagnose with critical illness.

When I meet one of the chapel members there, and asked about this, he deny this. And told me that this is not true, and it was the priest himself who raise the fund to build this chapel.
So I walk up to the chapel, and visit the place. Saw a priest is currently blessing the members.
The building looks like three big candles,  it means Trinity. In Christian doctrine, the Trinity is the unity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as three persons in one Godhead

The scenery are nice up here, and this reminds me of mount Singai and mount Sentah which a church was build on the mount also

Borneo, Sri Aman (Simanggang) Trip with Wilson Chin

I visited Sri Aman is also called Bandar Sri Aman, and was formerly known as Simanggang. Sri Aman means "town of peace" in the Malay language. Located on the Lupar River, it is 193 kilometers, I use 2 hours to drive from Kuching.

There will be a big welcome sign upon entering the Sri Aman town, I always wanted to come here, and finally I have the chance. Something very special is it Sri Aman...
Saw a very big golden monkey statue when I reach the town, and I am born in the year of the monkey, so I have to take picture with my buddy.
The special thing about this town is this river, its called the Lupar River. This river is famous for the benak, or tidal bore. The tidal bore comes in from the river mouth and fills up the river very rapidly in the course of about 10 minutes. The wave crest at Sri Aman is up to 2 to 3 metres high. This is one of approximately 400 rivers and estuaries in the world where this phenomenon happens.

I asked a few guys who are fishing there, why there is no tidal bore? They told me to come back again on April, where the big one will come. And the town people will treat it as a festive, many people will come here to witness this rare phenomena.
The Borneo Crocodile Hunter Wilson Chin (me)
This museum is called the Fort Alice, it was situated just next to the wharf. It was built in 1864, is the oldest heritage building in Sri Aman, constructed following the victory of Rajah Charles Brooke, the second Rajah of Sarawak, over Rentap, the last of the major Iban chieftains, in 186.

The Fort was named after Charles Brooke's wife, Margaret Alice Lili de Windt. It served as a defensive structure controlling the Lupar River.
A lot of complain had been made about the restoration of this fort, and now from my observation I believe the work had been done. Its not open to the public yet, the guard told me that the district officer will get a suitable date to declare the opening of this museum to the public in future.