Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Climb Mount Kinabalu After The Quake in Borneo Sabah with Wilson Chin

Climbing the Mount Kinabalu are one of my bucket lists, I was so emotion when I am about to ascend to Low’s peak. Here is my experience on my climb to the highest mount in Malaysia, and some recommendation to help you on your climb there. Let the adventure begins…

Day One
24th December 2015, Thursday, Sunny, 21 degree Celsius at Kinabalu Park
Checked in at Kinabalu Park, enjoying the nice weather, and fine dining at the park restaurant. Christmas eve, some of our teammate having gift exchange party.

Our team leader Sui Chin sharing his previous experience on climbing Mount Kinabalu, this will be his 5th climb
Buffet dinner serve at 7pm, all of us had a wonderful dinner. After the dinner, the park ranger also gave us a briefing about the routes info and safety precaution.
The travel agency which helped us arrange this trip, presented our team a cake to wish us the best of luck on our coming exploration to Mount Kinabalu.

Day Two
25th Dec 2015, From Kinabalu Park ascent to Laban Rata
Weather: Sunny, 19 degree Celsius
8.00am gather at the Park HD for registration, and distribution of name tag for identification along the hike.

A group photo before we start our exploration, the time now is 8.45am I can't wait to start my journey. There are 34 of us from the Kuching Adventure Team.
My team and I have 6 km of trail to cover today before we reach our resthouse on the mountain tonight.
On the right its the trail which link from the Mesilau Park Resort, but its close until further notice due to the earthquake which occur this year on the 5th June 15.
Reach the Laban Rata at 12.30am with another two members from my team. I am surprise that I can reach here in a little over 3 1/2 hours. After reached here, I'm hungry, regret that I did not carry the lunch pack which prepare by the park.

My friends and I and sit in something like a ski lodge for another 4 hours, stretching our legs, drinking tea, and taking pictures, watching clouds move through the lodge was amazing, especially during sunset.
Enjoying the sunset with my team members, this is the best experience ever!!! Temperature drop from 19 degree Celsius to 7 degree Celsius.
I'm so happy that my brother Jason and his wife are joining me on this exploration to Mount Kinabalu. This is the first time they go for hike, so I promise them that I will bring them to the summit!!!

  1. For the packed lunch, please bring it together with you regardless how full you are after the buffet breakfast, cause when you reach Laban Rata, you will definitely feel hungry. (One bowl of instant noodles cost RM12, soft drink cost RM7 at Laban Rata restaurant)
  2. For beginner hikers, I strongly recommend you rent a walking stick at the Timpohon starting point for RM10, cause it will come in handy, trust me ;)
  3. It will be hot when you ascent, try not to wear thick clothes and pants at this stage, you will sweat a lot.
  4. Get some sweets, and eat em when you feel tired

Day Three, Ascending
26th Dec 2015, From Laban Rata ascent to Mount Kinabalu Summit
Weather: Sunny, 5 degree celsius

The hike starts at 2am, after I went back to room to rest at 9.00pm, but I didn't fall asleep at all. Staying awake the whole night. 

Headache from altitude sickness are scary, it will stop you from ascent to the Kinabalu Summit, you need to stop it before it gets worse. 

For me, I had mild headache, I don’t enjoy taking medication, but before things turns bad,  I pop 2 panadols plus 1 clarinase (for flu), and fortunately it subsided.

Clothing I wear while ascent…
  1. Heattech warm long sleeve clothe (1st layer)
  2. Polyester long sleeve clothe (2nd layer)
  3. Windbreaker with fleece material inside (3rd layer)
  4. Undergarment
  5. Heattech warm pants
  6. Polyester long pants
  7. Waterproof, windproof gloves.
  8. Cap, with polyester towel warping my ears (recommend use a fleece hat)
  9. Toe socks, and a pars of good grip hiking shoes (I use Jeep hiking shoes)
All the hikers are dressed like to go skiing. After five minutes of climbing, flashlights in hand, most of us strip down to a more reasonable early spring day. After ten minutes of climbing, My brother am covered in a layer of sweat.
It gets warm when we start hike, so I recommend you keep your warm clothes in your backpack at first. Only wear it when you feel that the wind are strong.
As I gain more altitude, I look down and see a trail of white dots moving slowly up the mountain, and looking up I see a similar trail snaking back and forth up the rock face, a parade of flashlights leading up to the star line on the peak, absolute amazing!!!
Sayat-Sayat check point, please remember to reach here not later than 4am. If not the park ranger might stop you from ascent up the summit.
KM8.0 and last 0.5KM to go, the biting wind are strong up there, my lip gets dry easily. Almost sunrise, I look at the sky and glad that the weather is good.
At 5.50am first signs of light appear from the clouds on the horizon, I called my brother to look at the horizon, he asked me to proceed to ascent to summit with out him, but I said we go, we go as a Team! of we proceed our
We are above the clouds now, sunrise happens at 6.10am today, and to be able to witness sunrise on a high altitude, this is my best sunrise experience ever...
Low's peak its just a few steps away, I keep on encouraging my brother to go forward, because we are almost there.
Borneo Explorer - Wilson Chin at the peak of Mount Kinabalu ;)

  1. Bring one small bottle of water will be enough, remember to bring as light as possible to the summit.
  2. Please bring vaseline or lip balm with you, cause the biting wind your lips will easily get dry.  
  3. Get some face cover to protect your face from the wind, and use Fleece hat
  4. If you have headache, take panadol immediately before its too late.
  5. Get some sweets, and eat em when you feel tired.

Day Three, Descending
26th Dec 2015, From Kinabalu Summit descent to Laban Rata, and descent to Kinabalu Park
Weather: Sunny, 21 degree celsius
We can't stay long at the peak, after some pictures, we descent immediately. This will be a test on your endurance, because you will have to descent from Summit, to Laban Rata, then to the Kinabalu Park, cut off time will be 4.00pm, later than that the park will enforce penalty on you.
As the sun rise higher over the clouds, we get a sight that we usually witness when we go for airplane rides. It looks as though we’re sitting on the peak of a rock island in a sea of clouds. The mountain has a concave slope that drops right off the edge into the clouds.
I am escorting my friend down to the starting Timpohon gate from 9am until 3.30pm
"You are Successful Climbers" Yes, the Borneo Explorer never fail

  1. Remember the walking stick I recommend you to rent, this is a good time to use it ;)
  2. Bring water, enough water for you to drink for 6 - 7 hour of hike.
  3. Get a knee cap cover to ease the tension on your knees.

Day Four
27th Dec 2015, Sunny Day
Fly back to home with muscles pain and valuable experience of a lifetime

My Track Record on Mount Kinabalu Hike
Kinabalu Park - Laban Rata
9.00am - 11.30am


Laban Rata - Summit


Facts About Kinabalu Mount
Mount Kinabalu situated at Sabah, Borneo. Its been declare at the Word Heritage Site in year 2000, the higest peak in Borneo's Crocker Range, the highest mountain in Malaysia. The higeset point is knows as Low's Peak with 4096 meters (13,438ft) above sea level. British colonial administrator Hugh Low made the first recorded ascent of Mount Kinabalu's summit plateau in March 1851, that's why the highest point is name after him.  

2015 Earthquake - The Day the Mountain Shook!!!  
5th June 2015, 07.15am local time. A powerful magnitude 6.0 earthquake has struck Mount Kinabalu (54 kilometers from the state capital of Kota Kinabalu), cracking roads and buildings in the region and injuring climbers on the peak area. The force of the tremor was so strong that it snapped off one of the two "Donkey's Ear" rock outcroppings that form a distinctive part of the mountain's peak.  
The Kinabalu Park reopen on 1st December 2015, and my team and I are the first bacth to climb the mount Kinabalu for the month of December. We are bless with beautiful weather, and witness magestic sunrise at 6.10am that morning

More Pictures on Climb Mount Kinabalu

Video of My Adventure

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Borneo Highland Exploration Penrissen Summit, the Leeches Mountain

How to go here?
1st, please take note that there are no public transport to Borneo Highland Resort. You will have to chartered a taxi, or make new friend in Kuching, and ask him/her to drive you to Borneo Highland.

We drive here all the way from Kuching town, took us within 2 hours to reach.
How much is the entrance fees?
We paid RM8 per person to enter Borneo Highland, and drive all the way up to the resort entrance. Where we will be greed by the security guard.

Then, we paid another RM10 to use their car (compulsory) to go to the viewpoint of Kalimantan, Indonesia. That is where we start our hike.
The young and brave Borneo Explorer, Wilson Chin (me)
Do you need a guide?
  • There are marking on the trees for you to follow, not necessary to hire guide.
  • There are two route, 1st the longer one will lead you to Batu Panggah (click to reach) then to summit which takes you estimate 3 - 4 hours from starting point to summit.
  • 2nd route, from starting point bypass the gold court, and to summit (about 2 hours)

What will you encounter?
Leeches, a lot of leeches :D LOL.... so do get ready for that, do regular checking on your legs, bring some medicine to stop bleeding after leech bite.

Total Cost I use for this trip

Car          : RM0 (follow my friend so .... )
Entrance : RM18 (RM8 for entrance & RM10 for ride to viewpoint)
Food       : RM3.50 (packed noodles from coffeeshop for lunch at summit)
Total       : RM21.50

Do email me if you require further information, and have a nice trip to the summit :)

p/s: There are quite a number of litter along the way, do help to carry some litter down if possible. Lets protect the forest together.

Wilson Chin

Friday, October 23, 2015

Top 3 waterfall in Kuching to go with family and friends easily


Top 3 waterfall in Kuching to go with family and friends easily
  1. Santubong Waterfall
  2. Kubah National Park Waterfall
  3. Gunung Gading National Park Waterfall
As an explorer in Kuchicng, one of the question that I’m frequently being asked is “Which waterfall can I go over the weekend with my friends/family”
What people want are:
  • Easily access within 1 hour
  • Near to the place they park
  • Have public toilet and bathroom
  • Can barbeque
Then I start to put on my thinking cap, and listed a few. Among that I chose these three as the top, and I hope that this can serve as a guideline for you when you visit Kuching, and would like to visit the waterfall.

The Santubong Waterfall

How to go?
Santubong is located on the North of the Kuching city, with just 35KM away from town. A 45 minutes car ride to reach the Santubong Mountain.

The entrance is before the Santubong resort, and on the right there will be a power station, the entrance is just next to the power station.

Do a registration at the Park HQ counter for safely purpose, and you may proceed to start hike to the waterfall. As shown in my picture, the waterfall is located next to the S shape suspension bridge, and from the park HQ to the waterfall only takes about 15 minutes.

Do enjoy the cozy water when your there, very refreshing.

Entrance Fees?
Free of charge, only require you to register your time in, and time out.

What do they have there?
At the waterfall, there are no toilet, no bathroom.

The Kubah National Park Waterfall

How to go?
Situated about 22KM from Kuching, and about half an hours plus of car ride to the park.
Drive all the way to the Matang, there are signboard along the way.

And after the Matang, you will see places like the Red Bridge, the Family Park I, and follow by Family Park II. Right after family park 2, immediately there is an entrance on the left. Drive all the way up, and you can see the Park HQ for the Kubah National Park.

You will need to hike from the park HQ to the waterfall entrance on your right. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the waterfall entrance, you will see a signboard displayed some info about the waterfall.

Then followed by another 20 minutes to reach the waterfall.

Entrance Fees?
Adults is RM10, and require you to go registration at the park HQ counter.

What do they have there?
At the waterfall, no public toilet, no shower, no BBQ pit

The Gunung Gading National Park Waterfall

How to go?
About 1.5 hours drive from Kuching to the small town of Lundu. There are signboard along the way, so you will never get lost.

After you reach the Lundu town, keep on driving to the right side. Drive strait along the way you will notice the sea is at your right. And keep your eyes on the left, cause the entrance of the Gunung Gading national park will be on the left.

After you see the entrance, just drive in. And after the narrow road, you will reach the entrance.
Register your name at the park HQ counter, and the park ranger will issue you a map, the waterfall trails are clearly being marked by red & white color, just follow the correct color code, and you will reach there within an hour time.

Entrance Fees?
The Entrance fees is RM10 per adults.

What do they have there?
At the waterfall just a pagoda for resting
No bathroom, no toilet, no BBQ pit.

More question? you can write to me by going to my Contact Me page. Thank you