Sunday, January 24, 2021

Batang Seterap and 50 years old Chinese Grocery Store

This is the Batang Seterap, which is a small tributary of the Batang Lupar. 

You can use a boat from here to Lingga Town, which takes about 1 hour of speedboat ride. 
This is a very rural place, there is only longhouse available here, there are no power or water supply from the government. And surprisingly there is actually a grocery store which runs by an old Chinese couple, both of them have been staying and running the business for more than 50 years. 

The old man said that their children are all married and stayed in the city, will come and visit them every now and then. He and his wife had already get used to life here and will continue to stay here. 

Sunday, November 08, 2020

Camping Trip to Kampung Sting and Visit the Pe'an Waterfall at Bengoh Dam

This is the first time my wife and children follow me to go for a camping trip, and for this trip, I also bought a new 3 person tent from Decathlon, so in future, I can have more camping trip with my family. Let them enjoy nature together. 
Raining season is just around the corner, now almost every evening it rains. So I also prepare raincoat for my kid. 
And as predicted, it rains. My wife and I quickly put on the rain jacket for our boy. But it is good to let him experience. 
After 15 mins of the boat ride, we reach the jetty of Mr Bodui, my friends will be staying at his homestay, while I will do camping.
Its another 15 mins hike up all the way to the homestay, so my first round its to carry my boy and accompany my wife to reach the homestay after that I will come down again to get my tent and the backpack. 

I have no hands to record any video or photos, it rains a bit, and my son is enjoying it. I'm so happy about that. 

Nowadays there are so many other homestays nearby, where they don't allow me to camp at the empty space near their house anymore. So luckily Bodui builds this bamboo platform next to his house, so my friend and I set up our tent and camp there. 

Ervinna is my neighbour, she is using a Naturehike brand single person tent, which I found it very convenient and easy to bring. Mine is a 3 person tent from Decathlon, and the weight it is around 3kg. 

Bodui builds a very nice space in front of his homestay, this allows us to hang out there, and enjoy the view.

It was still dry at our place, but we can see pouring starts from the mountain range on the further end there. 

We had a very nice dinner, traditional Bidayuh cooking. After dinner, we drink tea, coffee, and chit chat with Bodui. 

Sleeping time for my boy is around 8.30pm - 9pm. At first, he is actively moving around in the tent, after all his energy drain, he then slowly fall asleep next to his mum, while holding my hand.

The next morning, I boil water to make some milo for my boy and wife. Also cooked instant noodles for them as breakfast. 

Capture some timelapse photos, this can be seen in my video.

There are cats, dogs and chicken running around the homestay.

The beautiful morning scene and my cute little boy.

My wife is enjoying a good view while having her morning drinks.

Time for some droning

So many waterfalls can be seen on that river.

Next, we visit Pean Waterfall a.k.a curtain waterfall.

Look like my boy is enjoying the hike too.

My boy and I crossing one of the bamboos bridge

Here we are, the curtain waterfall. 

After spending more than an hour at the waterfall, it is then time for us to go back home.
After all the adventure, it also drains all my boy energy, as he immediately falls asleep at the waterfall there, I will need to carry him because it is very muddy, let's go...

He is then awake after the boat starts, and it slowly started to rain again, so we quickly dress him up in his rain jacket again. 

More adventure in future for my family and me.
Thank you for reading