Camping Near Mini Waterfall at Pangasom our Family Farm

The Covid19 has been with us for more than a year. It also restricted our daily movement, working adults need to work from home, children have to study online at home.  For me, it's been a while since I went either hiking or camping. I felt that all my muscles and bones are starting to deteriorate 😅 But fortunately, I can visit my family farmhouse regularly. This enables not only me but also my family a chase to get close to nature, it is our weekend gateway. That is a safe place since is it our family farm. No outsider will be there, so we basically are safe, and don't have to worry about getting into contact with strangers.  One fine weekend, I decided to bring my family on a camping trip. Is been a while since our last camping trip.  This is the waterfall at the farm. Is a mini waterfall, but is enough for the children to play with.  There are more waterfalls, still many tiers of waterfalls up there, I will show you the picture in my future post.  My girl will need her bu

Dry Waterfall off trail Hike on the Santubong Mount

During the lockdown period, there are not many places we can go hiking. Fortunately, my friend knows some guy who owns a piece of private land and is kind enough to let us camp there.  I am followed my hiking friend Ian Vong on a trip with which he is very familiar, at the Santubong mountain. We camped at the base of the mountain for one night. This is my 2nd time to visit this place, the first hike you can read it here . We hike from the base to the summit.  Photo by Ian Notice that there are some silver looking material in between the rocks Photo by Ian There are so many mosquitoes during dusk, like a fighter jet. Even I applied insect repellent, those annoying bug still keeps coming 🤔 Watch the Exploration Video

Camping and Hiking Trip to the Tip of Borneo | Tanjung Datu National Park

Tanjung Datu is my favorite National Park in Sarawak, its smallest at the same time is the most beautiful for me. and I manage to share this with my wife and children to let them experience what is it feels like to camping and hiking at Tanjung Datu NP. Board our boat at Telok Menalo,  my two children are already exited when they see the beach, the sand, and the water. They like to play in the water, keep on asking if they can go swimming  😅 From Telok Menalo, it only takes less than 30 mins to reach Tanjung Datu NP.  So my job is to set up a tent for my wife and children. It is very sunny that day, and it is going to be a night that is humid and warm.  Training start, lets go to the jungle and hike children My boy is more active compare to my girl which keeps asking to carry her.  Our destination is to the Pasir Antu Laut, and we will cross multiple creeks like this before we go, so we stop by on one of the creeks for the children to have a rest, and play water. This is the Pasir Ant