Sunday, May 09, 2021

Camping and Hiking Trip to the Tip of Borneo | Tanjung Datu National Park

Tanjung Datu is my favorite National Park in Sarawak, its smallest at the same time is the most beautiful for me. and I manage to share this with my wife and children to let them experience what is it feels like to camping and hiking at Tanjung Datu NP.

Board our boat at Telok Menalo,  my two children are already exited when they see the beach, the sand, and the water.

They like to play in the water, keep on asking if they can go swimming  😅

From Telok Menalo, it only takes less than 30 mins to reach Tanjung Datu NP. 

So my job is to set up a tent for my wife and children. It is very sunny that day, and it is going to be a night that is humid and warm. 

Training start, lets go to the jungle and hike children

My boy is more active compare to my girl which keeps asking to carry her. 

Our destination is to the Pasir Antu Laut, and we will cross multiple creeks like this before we go, so we stop by on one of the creeks for the children to have a rest, and play water.

This is the Pasir Antu Laut, at 2.7km of hike.

Glad that my wife and children are enjoying it.

Keep a close watch on my two little precious.

And the next morning, it started to drizzle a bit. It is a good time to let my children experience play in the rain. I let them wear back their wet swimming suits and off we go to play at the beach.

Like PaPa like Son

A very fun 2 days 1 night at Tanjung Datu. After this trip, my children keep on asking me to bring them here again, I got this request every now and then 😁 the good thing is that I like nature, so of course we will come back here again. We will go as many times as we can. There are still many places I wanted to bring my children to in Sarawak, wait till they grow bigger, we will then go for some more extreme exploration adventure.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

The Gunung Lesong (Lesung) National Park Exploration

Here I am again, the last visit to Gunung Lesong (Lesung) was in the year 2017. Read the previous post here. That year, my team and I manage to found the trailhead and hike all the way to the summit peak. it was a wonderful and memorable trip. 

The trail head had changed, there is a signboard at the trailhead, and in order to enter, we MUST obtain permission from the local there to pay respect to their place. 

So many water rushing down from the mountain, the water is a bit yellow to brown color.

On this trip, a few of our old-time hiking buddies joined in the hike. It is good to be able to see old comrades again. Brings back memories of when we use to hike almost every weekend back then. 
My friend, Gilbert is carrying a big tumbok up to our campsite. It is around 20kg, so far its the biggest tumbok that I had ever seen 😲

The distance from the trailhead to the campsite its around an hour of hike

The prayer camp here had also changed significantly compare to a few years ago where it was still empty. 

Setup my beloved hammock, haven't been using this for so long.
One of the most fun parts of all the camping trip is to swim at the waterfall. Who doesn't love playing in the water right?! 😀✌

I submerge myself in the water. 

We also had a wonderful dinner, on the menu we have roasted duck, sambal, curry canfood, and lunchon meat. 
The next morning, it is time to hike to the summit.

Passed by multiple tiers of the waterfall, cascading all the way down. only this part of the water is crystal clear. The next trip can consider to camp here. 

Entering the boundary of the National Park of Sarawak

Ropes had been fixes at some of the steep parts to help hikers to get up. 

After 1hours and 45 mins, we manage to reach the summit. Very windy up there 😌
And the summit now has a big signboard, with the name of the mountain printed

The tabletop surface and the moss which grows on the mass amount of area on the summit enable a large amount of water to be stored. it is a huge water catchment area. no wonder so many waterfalls.

The guide told us that this is their wishing well, asked me to make our wishing there.

Time to go home
All of us wash ourselves at the creek before returning home, everyone is having a fun time.
See you guys on my next adventure 😁👍