Friday, February 18, 2005

Limbang Airport

Limbang Old Airport

This is the welcoming signboard in front of Limbang old airport.

A night view on the old abandon airport.

The Limbang old airport provided air service to Miri, Kota Kinabalu, Labuan, and some rural area.

This is where the arrival and departure take place.

The takeoff and landing place.

Limbang New Airport

I shot this during my flight back to Kuching, this is a model of the Limbang New Airport.

The model looks very similar with the real building!!!

A side view on the new airport.

The main entrance of Limbang airport.

The informatin counter.

The airport canteen.

There is also a suveniour shop in the airport.

This room is for the arrival...

This is for the departure.

Now they even have x-ray scanner, upgrade!!! Not bad eh!!

Three counters for you to check-in.

On the left is the x-ray scanner, the in the middle is the check-in counter. The departure, and arrival area is at the right.

People are waiting for their flight.

A view outsite the main entrance.

For me the new Limbang airport is quite nice, both on the building design, and service. I would give it an A.

There is also a place on the second level to watch the plane. Those two are my youngest brother and cousin brother.

The control tower.

I am not sure what is this use for... :">

Everything change, but the plan is still the same. The MAS Twin Otter, that carries 19 people.

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