Friday, March 11, 2005

Limbang Multi-purpose Hall (Dewan Suarah Limbang)

This is the main entrance of the multi-purpose hall. This hall had been used for various of functions. Concert, Badminton match, basketball match, wedding dinner, festival party, birthday party, and etc.

That day there I don’t have the change to take the interior photo because the entrance is locked. Inside the hall, there is a big stage situated in front of the hall. The floor is made from plywood, a layer of sleek paint are coated on the floor. The second floor is for seating purpose, you can look strait down on the ground floor, and on the stage.

The hall can be transform into an indoor basketball court, a badminton court or a volleyball court. Outside the hall, there is also an outdoor basketball court. When I study secondary school, I always went there play basketball with my friends.

My father is one of the members from the Hack Ka Association, so each year the association will organize an annual dinner there are one year they organize at this Hall. So father brought all of us to the dinner, we had a great time.

This year, they had repainted the hall. And they also had a new garden beside the hall, though the garden was small but for me I think the garden is beautiful.

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