Monday, March 07, 2005

Limbang Stadium

This is the Limbang Stadium; it is situated near the Limbang town area. The stadium usually is use to host school sport day. No mater is either primary or secondary school. I remember every time when it school sport day I will become a black kid. Every evening after my morning class, we are required to go to the stadium to practice.

Beside school spot day, this stadium sometime also host football match. Organize by either the public or government sector. In a small town like this, is good to have such happening stadium.

Once in a while, father will ride his bike and came to the stadium to jogging. Sometimes there are also groups of people play football at the football field at the middle of the stadium. The evening time is the best time to jogging; most of the resident that live near to it will go jogging, the sun is just perfect. The gentle breeze blowing toward your face while jogging, making you feel fresh and relaxing. Watching the innocent little kids chasing and playing around with their little friends this will somehow make my heard tame.

The stadium track was make from some kind of plastic material, so if you accidentally fall down it will not injure you. Miss the good old days, accompanying my father jogging at this stadium. While jogging with father, he can jogging for non-stop, and for me after 1 or 2 round I’ll feel half dead. Pop I salute you, next time if have the Marathon race dont worry, i will help you enroll. *hehehe*

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