Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Limbang Swimming Pool

Oh!! I Love swimming, last time when study primary school I will come to the swimming pool every weekend with my brothers and classmate. The entrance fees is 50cen, and you can stay as long as you like.

Welcome to Limbang Swiming Pool.

On the left side of the swiming pool is the Limbang Stadium.

Outsite view of the swimming pool.

The car park

The swimming pool, and YES opposite is the Chinese Grave Yard. So when you are swimming, just ignore when you feel someone if touching your leg, *sigh* yep, you got it, is from the ‘Visitor’ that live opposite :p

When I was young I was very anxious to learn how to swim, because I scare one day when I am on either a plane or boat and when it crash at least I still can swim, will not suffer death on don’t know how to swim.

The person who teaches me how to swim is my 2nd young brother Jason. Thank’s to him he taught me the skill on how to swim properly. After a few days I finally knows how, and when the time you know how to swim. Oh man, it sure feels great.


Swimming Pool Boy said...

WOW! Those pictures are awesome!!! Very well done! All in all your blog is really stylish! I love it!!


Wilson said...

thanks man, glad u like it.