Saturday, May 28, 2005

Aquarium Trip

Of to the Kuching aquarium Dine and I go, Dine love animal so I told her that she will definitely like this place.

phew~~~ it was hot that day, the sun are shining so bright, and hot.

There are many strange fish in this aquarium.

This turtle the size is very big. It looks flat, and I don’t know where does it’s shell go, what’ it carrying right now I think is too soft to be consider as a shell…

There are also some birdie and fishie that live under one roof.

This guy are always in the menu of restaurant. If not mistaken I think his name is called “Batutu fish”

This monkey had just been kept here for several months only, before this he is a free man. But now he is committed to this cage, and never to leave the cage. How sad…

One lazy crocodile, don’t care how loud I shout it still keep the same position

The fake fish that hung at the ceiling is as same as the real one

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