Friday, July 08, 2005

Hydro pump @ Pending Industry Zone

I’m not sure what is this thing called, and I also don’t know why they want to block the water level but I’ve found it very interesting. My friend and I usually came here at nighttime when I study at college about 3 years ago. There are people fishing here, and there are also one Malay uncle selling burger, drinks and snack. During the nighttime, there are many mosquitoes; a lot of people will came here during the weekend. Here is also another hangout spot at Kuching.

This place is situated under a bridge, and people will came here fishing. I also had tried it once, but fail. It ends up the string on fish pole get tangle beneath the rocks.

This bridge links the Kuching town and the Denmark Laut Industry Zone together. My brother once works there, he told me the night scene was beautiful and told me that I must take photos of the scene.

This hydro thing is build under the bridge. It controls the water level on both side of the river. On this side, you can see that the water level is very low now.

Where as on the other side, the water level are higher. And the water is currently block by the hatch. On the right side, there is a long yellow thing. That is used to control the hatch to either open or close.

Here is a closer look on the hydro pump. Can imagine the power of this pump to hold the force of the water from the higher side from going to the lower side.

This is the place where people will usually hangout, and fishing. They build a fence to prevent people from going near the hydro pump.

Not much people where there that night, maybe is due to weekdays. There are many mosquitoes that night, and is windy.

From here, you can see that there’s not only one hydro pump but 2, 3, 4, 5…

I forgot to bring my tripod out that night, so the photo did not turn out well because of my shaking hand.

OMG!!! Because of the mosquitoes my blood almost dry, but must scarify a bit to take shoots. This is a shot with white balance correction. I like this one than the previous one.

This is my friend, and this is how we look like. Trying to find something to stable our shaky hand. After taking each shot we'll compare our shot to see who’s camera kiss ass, I love photographing.


fish fish said...

wilson, get a mini tripod, that will help a lot.

NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

It's a river barrage, used to control the water level of the river so that if it floods, it won't be catasthropic.

Wilson said...

fish fish - ya, i think i'll get one soon.

nsds3hvldjjd - wow, thanks for the info man :) i like ur blog