Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Swimming @ Matang Wild Life

Welcome to Matang Wildlife Centre Sarawak, it took us for almost one hour motorcycle ride from Kuching town. It is situated at the western corner of the Kubah National Park. The animals here live surrounded by their habitat.

We actually plan to go Damai beach, but the weather is too hot and we’ll easily get sun burn. So we had to change place, to go here where there is big trees to shade us, and cold stream water.

Big caution sign board “Dear Visitors, Please be inform that any person that enter Matang Wildlife Centre shall enter the centre at his/her own risk. The Sarawak government shall not be responsible for any physical, mental or emotional injury sustains or any loss of life or property whatsoever kind within Matang Wildlife Center, by the Controller of National Park & Nature Reserves.”

Chalet RM150 per house, each of the chalets consists of two air-conditioned bedrooms with toilet and bath, a living room, a dining room and a kitchen.

This is the trail that leads to the picnic spots.

Pavilion at the center of the picnic spots.

This is the Rayu River, the water will flow all the way to Kubah National Park.

We find a shade spot, unload our stuff and jump into the water :)

The water is still, but is not clean. Under the water is full of fallen leaf and tree trunk.

I set self-timer, and hurry swim into position. But is too slippy, so can’t get a good shot.

Self-timer takes 2, that ass hole Wei Shian!!! Making fun of me.

The nature refrigerator, one way to keep the cola cool.

The sun hides behind the cloud to take a 5 minutes rest.

The Raya River at Matang Wildlife Centre.

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