Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Taman Jubilee Mas (Jubilee Mas Park) @ Matang

This lately I feel very tired after finish work, feels like not having enough sleep but I didn’t either stay up late or sleep late. But why I still feel tired? Tonight very cold, is raining outside. Hope I can have a good night sleep.

Back to my blog...
On the way home from The Matang Wildlife Centre, there is Recreation Park with just five minutes car ride from the wildlife centre.

Before entering the park, there are stalls that sell kuih, water, and snack.

Malay cake from left: Fried Sukun ( My mom told me this is called the Bread fruit in Chinese), fried potato, fried prawn cake. On top left corner is the fried banana cake.

Welcome to The Jubilee Park.

Most of the visitors are Malays. There are two Chinese girls bring their pet puppy picnic with them in the park, and they are taking photo of their dogs. They must love their dog very much.

Wilson (Me) and Wei Shian

There is a river at the back of this park, and this is the main attraction of the park. Most of the parent will let their children play in this river.

The water level is safe for children; the fish in the river have to stay alert by not letting the children catch them.

We bough some fried banana cake to eat, and chit-chat while watching the kids very relaxing. I had a very wonderful weekend.


cooknengr said...

Hey kid, sukun looks nice...the first time I was offered sukun, I turned it down, because my Hakka friend's mom said " Nee oi sheet sukun mo ? "

I was not "tien chee" lah, who wants to eat 樹棍?

Wilson said...

e - At first I don't like sukun as well, but after i tried found that it tasted not as bad as I imagine.