Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hui Sing Garden Hawker centre

The Hui Sing hawker canter is also known as Hui Sing open-air food center. It had more than 20 shop lots, each selling different kind of food, and drinks. I skip my lunch yesterday, and I was very hungry and after reaching home immediately I went to Hui Sing to have my dinner.
The food business is very good at Hui Sing open-air, though there also quiet a numbers of coffee shops in the same area, but this didn’t affect the food business at Hui Sing. I should get a shop lot and start selling Chicken Rice if I tired of doing my current job. Each month with a fix income, and everyday have to deal with management, and give answer to the end-user.
How can I survive…?

Most of the people had their dinner there.

This is our drink, the name is very special is called the “Marlboro” RM1.20

But not recommended, cause is taste just like an ordinary ang tau chanlut (ABC).

Our Cantonese Kuih Tiao RM3.50

and our Satay RM3.50

A poor little kitten is waiting for someone to feed him/her.


Chen said...

I remember eating satay babi in Hui Sing Hawker Centre many years back ;)

Sharl612 said...

This place brings back memmory of my college days in KCH. It was our dinner place. I rememeber my fav is the Kuey Chap Kuey Tiao. The serving is huge! The stall is about somewhere in the middle row.

The fav drink was the Whitelady and Matterhorn(spelling?). Can't find this drink in west malaysia.

Wilson said...

chen, sharl - during my college time, that place was also one of my dinner place. most of the drink can only be found at there.