Saturday, November 26, 2005

Miri – Part Five of Six

Today is the last day at Miri, that day after my work, I had my dinner with Jersey. She brought me to “Miri Taiwan Restaurant” where the owner was a Taiwanese. After the dinner, I went back to my room to rest. As I had a very tired and busy day and I need to catch an early flight in the morning. Hope you guys enjoy the photos :)

Miri Taiwan Restaurant

It has a simple arrangement

The food, well is below my expectation. The only thing that worth trying is the Taiwan Sausage, and the rest is just ordinary

Sexxy “Drunk Beauty”, it has a sour taste. RM3.00

Bubble milk tea with yam flavor, the black balls are the pears. RM3.50

Fresh green tea, RM2.00

Yam beef noodles. RM6.00

Taiwan sausage. RM6.00

Cold Tau Hu. RM4.00

Three cup chicken rice. RM6.00

Fried dumpling, RM7.50


j!nG said...

I ever been there with JerseY t0oOo~~

Chen said...

The fried dumplings looks unique :)
The taiwan sausage looks like ~ raw :D

Wilson said...

jing - ya kah, oh no wonder she told me that this place is nice lar...

chen - yap, is not bad. but i like the sausage more