Friday, November 25, 2005

Miri – Part Four of Six

My old buddy Wei Shian. Now he is working at Miri as a painting inspector, something to do with painting job. He told me that his job is very danger sometime, so that’s why there is not much people work in his field. He had a new house, and a new car at Miri…I’m so envy!!! That night he bring me to eat at Yong Lee coffee shop, when go Miri you must try the famous shell meat kuih tiao.

After my second round dinner, we chit-chat, talk some bullshit, see pretty girls, share some working experience. Then he knows I like to take photos, so he brings me to Canada Hill. On top of Canada Hill there is Grand Old Lady this is the first oil well in Malaysia, and now it had become an historic artifact.

On top of Canada Hill I can feel cool breeze blowing softly on my face. And I can also see the city night scene. Miri had really change a lot since the last time I visit, it had turn from an Oil Town to a Resort City.

Wei Shian even bring me to his new house, is situated near the Senadin residential area, that places is full of houses. I know he is tired, so after visiting his house, I went back to my hotel to let him rest early.

He told me he did eat well, did sleep well because of work pressure. Pity him :(

This is the place where Wei Shian usually had his dinner

Bali and Milo Ice

Shell meat fried kuih tiao

Well no 1. situated on top of Canada Hill Miri

Wei Shian help me took a photo of me and the clays turning the pole on the Grand Old Lady =)

Close up view on the clays, there are two on each side.

Imagine last time to get oil they have to manually turns it around and drill into the solid earth, is really a hard work.

This is another historical artifact which they use in the old days to drill petroleum

what is this??!! Illegal racing, no…is just a group of people riding their miri bike.

Miri night scene from the tallest point Canada Hill, you can see the entire town from here. Pity my camera is not capable of capturing a clear image, else it will be great to share it with you all.


Chen said...

quote He told me he did eat well, did sleep well because of work pressure. Pity him :( Or u actually mean he didn't eat well & didn't sleep well?

Any reason or story behind why the hill is called Canada Hill?

U should try the char koay teow in Penang :) Nice, tasty and delicious :D

Wilson said...

chen - opss...ya he didn't either eat or sleep well...
for Canada Hill, hm~~~ i'm not sure either.
yeah, will go Penang visit u :)