Thursday, November 24, 2005

Miri – Part Three of Six

Miri Marriott Resort & Mandara Spa

My friend bring me to a new resort at Miri called the Marriott Resort and Spa. Yet again this is another new development after Miri become City earlier this year. It has a huge and luxurious lobby, but one thing that I’m not satisfied with is that it had no air-conditioner or fan to keep people cool. At the corner of the resort there is a campaign going on, is the HOPT CAMPAIGN organize by the Malaysia AIDS foundation, I think is something like the Red Ribbon Gala. They raise money by selling merchandise like mug, handmade goodies, t-shirt, and donation. There is a big board that had many people signature on, I also sign my signature on the board…I mean my blog address =)

The lobby is at first floor, and the spa is at ground floor, is called the ”Mandara Spa”. We entered the spa to get some information. At the reception we are welcome by an Indonesian girl, once we entered I can smell the exotic aromas of spices and fragrant blooms, plus the gentle sound of music. Immediately it give me a very relax feeling. Every staff at Mandara Spa is from Bali, Indonesia. The message girl, the message oil, the herbals, the aromatherapy, the accessories, everything are imported from Bali, Indonesia. The price range is from RM75 to RM863, this is indeed a very suitable place to breakaway from the polluted city, with no computers, no bosses, no car, no customers, and no worries.

After the spa is the swimming pool, there is a small restaurant near the pool. That night there is a pool side party going on; most of them are western countries people. Wish I can join them; and they are having a lot of fun. We rest at the couch and enjoy the atmosphere, the moonlight. How I wish now I was on holiday, I almost feel asleep when I lying on the couch. Pity that night doesn’t have any twinkle little stars, after shooting some shots; we went back to the lobby again to get something to eat.

There is a cake house called the ”Borneo Baking Co” , is sells many type of cakes. Beside cakes it also sells tea leaf with a variety of flavors to choose for. We wonder around the stall and I had bought a cheese cake for my friend, Marriott resort is a wonderful place to come for holiday. After Marriott then is good bye to Jersey and her friend, I had a good time. I still have a second date with…

In the signboard there are two seahorses that represent Miri, please go left to the hotel lobby.

Front view of Marriott hotel

The lobby with no air-con or fan

The Hope Campaign

The merchandise that use to raise money

My signature =) proof that I had been to the hotel before.

This water fountain is at the ground floor outside a very high class restaurant.

Mandara Spa with the tag line “You Deserve To Feel This Good”

Mandara is the 2004 SPAASIA CRYSTAL AWARD winner with the title Best Spa Group/Brand

I think this is the natural herbs that they use for aromatherapy

I keep on sniffing on this water, because I tough the fragrance smell is from here. But I’m wrong.

Jersey asking about the price, while the Bali girl listening.

This is one of the Ocean view Spa Suite with herbal steam and private outdoor area with bathtub, shower, and relaxation space.

This is woman favorite, the manicure and pedicure area.

People throwing a pool side party, the three of us just watch them from other side of the pool

Borneo Baking Co

A demo set cake and butter in front of the entrance

All the cakes are kept in a suitable temperature to maintain its freshness

At the back of the shop, they also sells merchandise like mug, bowl, plate, glass, and wine.

Bought a cheese cake for my friend, very delicious. I also give it a few bites

Bought some tea leaf for myself


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