Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Miri – Part Two of Six

This post actually need to go first, but I was so excited to show your guys the new park to I change the sequence a bit.

So before I went to Miri Park, my friends and I had dinner at a western food restaurant called the “Blue Ginger”. Upon entering the restaurant, I notice they painted one of the walls with seaside view, this had give customer a very unique feel that they are dinning at an exotic beach restaurant. With centimental background music the atmosphere is easy and relaxed. There are still plenty of empty seats as the time is still early. The waiter and waitress are very friendly, they greed us, open the door for us, and even show us to our seat. We wear very simple and casual but yet, still been treated nicely. This is the attitude they should adopt when doing business.

At Kuching, some of the restaurant and even shop they will judge you by your look / attire. If you look rich, no doubt you will get the VIP treatment, but if you dress casual then they will give you the “pls get out of here, we only serve rich people” looks. In this society why must they be so realistic, we are all same human beings.

For our dinner, we had order a beef fillet steak, a chicken schnitzel, and a tropical salad, and we share our food. Personally the chicken schnitzel is quiet tasty, it also come with a small bowl of tropical salad, but the beef required some chewing, and the meat does not have too much of the taste. For the tropical salad, the ingredients are tomatoes, cucumber, onions, and one big cabbage leaf. I don’t like vegetable much, but I did give it a try and it taste ordinary. We had to quickly finish our dinner, as I still have a second date tonight…

Blue Ginger, a very special and unique western restaurant at Miri

Yellow dim light, colorful table linen and chair

My table set

This is the wall that I was talking about, they also had a painting that is exactly the same as the wall, hanging on the opposite site.

The place where they make our drinks

my coke RM1.80

Sprite RM1.80 and Ice-lemon tea RM2.80

Tropical Salad RM6.00

Chicken Schnitzel RM16.00

Beef Fillet Steak RM26.00


j!nG said...

eeeeeeee?H0w c0me doN't hAve tHat pRettY ga| !n uR |ast b|0g?

Wilson said...

jing - that prety gal is shy