Monday, November 14, 2005

New Ice-Kacang Stall

Hi guys…I’m back.

Yesterday evening went to the new ice-kacang stall, last time it was like this. After that the government had take up their place to build a beautiful park, and the Sarawak Government had also build a new food stall for them to operate their business.

This building had it own unique design, is not like any other food stall that build in a strait line, this one is a circle. So before you choose which stall to sit down, you can walk around the stall then make the decision.

My friends and I had chosen this “Ah Yeo Ais Kacang” I guess that the boss uses his sure name as the sign board. I’m craving for ice-kacang now….just when we had finished our drinks, the sky starts to pouring rains. This is still ok for me, what worse is that I forgot to close my car windows, and my car seat are all wet!!!

A part of the new ice-kacang building

Ah Yeo Ice Kacang

Is a family business, while the husband do the marketing, then the wife do the production this is a very good coordination between husband and wife.

My ice-kacang (red bean drinks)

This is how it looks like when you dig the red bean that hidden inside the ice. RM1.20

Raining, and I had forgot completely about my car windows…I am getting old


WeiWei said...

hi there
my fren showed me this link
very happy to knoe tat u blog about our stall
well, i am the girl in blue ... the husband and the wife's daugther *blink*
actually, u can borrow an umbrella from us ...
anyway, hope ur car was not flooded ... thanks for coming ...

Wilson said...

weiwei - I'm glad u like my review on ur stall :) oh so ur the girl in blue...hehehe
can borrow kah!! hai ya next time i'll do that :P

WeiWei said...

hehe, sure can borrow de, just ask from us ...
but i hope everyday is sunny day
raining day nobody eat ice kacang *faint, hahaha
ohya, thanks for coming to my blog too, hehe