Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Star Rainforest Movie Festival @ Sarawak Cultural Village, Part four of Seven

Next is the Orang Ulu (upriver people). These people are also found in adjacent Kalimantan, Indonesia. In Sarawak, the Orang Ulu accounts for 5.3% of the population. Formerly animists, but now many Orang Ulu had converts to Christians.

Most of the Ulu people had tattoo on the back. According to traditional this signified that he had taken a head. They believed that a tattoo would serve as a torch in the underworld. They like to tattoo almost all their bodies, with design variously know as “dragon”, “scorpion”, “dog”, or ornamental scroll work. Women usually confined themselves to simple wrist or hand decorations.

The Ulu people are among the most skilled wood carvers in Sarawak. They embellished their houses, boats, tools, musical instruments, and personal ornaments with various kinds of designs. A sculpture called the “dragon dog” with along snout, curling fangs and horns, and bulging eyes plays an important part in the traditional religion for the Ulu people. It is also been used as a tattooing design.

Signboard in front of the Ulu People house

This is the house of the Ulu people, is build in the middle of a small hill.

The house was support by few very long trunk. It holds the house solidly, and serve as a foundation of the house

They painted the trunk with traditional Ulu people tattoo design.

Carve wood statue

They even carved the floor.

The Ulu house

The wall been painted with their own unique design

A view from the corridor of the Ulu house.

Musical instruments made from wood, and if you hit the wood from left to right (long to short) the tone is Do Re Mi Fa So...I’m impress!!!

Another wooden instruments

The back of the house.

The surrounding of the house are trees, so I can’t get a clear shot on the house.


Chen said...

Hey, I can still remember the orang ulu house in Cultural Village, cos it's different from the others... The house is so high up, on the long trunk. Something unique

Wilson said...

chen - is really high up alright, but for the real orang ulu is the house really build that high up?