Friday, December 16, 2005

Star Rainforest Movie Festival @ Sarawak Cultural Village. Let the show begins ;)

The two hours for visiting the culture village is really not enough for me. But the curtains goes up at 7pm, I don’t want to miss out the starting ceremony. The screen is been setup at the stage of culture village, in the middle of the forest. There is a booth that sells a lot of movie merchandise, not just that we can also took our photo with Speiderman, and Master Yoda.

The Nokia booth are just beside the merchandise booth, we can have our photo been printed out free of charge. The Nokia model will use the Nokia N70 to shoot and print out for us. Talk about the Nokia models, they are really pretty, fluent in both Chinese and English, with long hair and fair skin. Ok, Ok, back to our movie. Beside that there are also food stalls that sell burger, French fried, wafer, noodles, rice, drinks, and many more.

If it's rain, the organizer also setup a backup cinema at the hall near the open-air stage. But very lucky that night the weather is just fine, the respond was very good as well. after the first part of the movie finish, we all clap hands. But that night the mosquito are very happy, cause all of a sudden so many fresh blood to drink. Until today I still feel a bit itch on the mosquito bites.

It is a very good experience on watching movie on such environment, but next time I hope that they will show new movies instead of the old one. LOTR 1 – 3 a total of 9 hours, is quite long.

Behold, the first ever cinema in a rainforest at Kuching

Spiderman and Wilson (Me)

Jing, Master Yoda, and Wilson (Me)

Various kind of movie merchandise. There is King Kong, Garfield, Fantastic Four, Kung Fu Hustle, Zoro 2, National Treasure, Pirate of the Caribbean, Lizzy Mc Guire, and etc.

this is when they are just about to setting up all the food stalls

Good weather, good business.

This is where the backup cinema, so if its raining. We all have to shift here instead of outdoor.

First time I actually saw a movie projector with my own eyes.

Starts to get dark, before the movie started the master of ceremony had given us some information if something happens during the movie.

Our snack and drinks

The tent with the orange roof is where the movie projector was.

We sit quite far away from the screen, but the vision is still ok, but the sound is not that clear.

Our late night supper, a very late night supper.

what to eat? With so many choices to make?

Jing had treat me a wafer. After having the wafer I just know that peanut butter had a very high cholesterol, I must eat less next time.

I had a good time there, if they organize again next year, and if the movie is new I will come again.


Robin said...

Hi, Nice Pics.

Is this a one off event or is it on-going.

I will be coming back to Kuching during Christams and would love to attend something like this.

fish fish said...

Wilson, plant oil do not have cholesterol. Even have, will be in the level very low until insignificant. Who told you peanut have cholesterol one? It is high in calories, but not cholesterol. Cholesterol thing only happen in animal product.

Hehe, sorry keypo here. Just don't want you to have the wrong concept.

j!nG said...

Wilson....that nokia they used to take the pic for us one is N90,u 4got again!haha.

fish fish,i m the one who told wilson the peanut have cholesterol,it's definitely high in cholesterol,i'm sure about that,coz i got the information from magazine,doctor and nutritionist.

Chen said...

fish fish is right. Peanut has no cholesterol, BUT it contain fat (the saturated fat, monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat).

cooknengr said...

Kid' I second Drs answer, because I am a old dog who needs to watch his diet... but how nice , you have 關心你的朋友.

Wilson said...

robin - unfortunately it is a one off event, after this no more...

fish fish - thanks fish fish, i love peanut.

jing - Oh jing, looks like the magazine tipu u =P

chen - thank Doc, now i can eat many peanut.

e - hahahaha, yep my friend are all very nice to me