Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Star Rainforest Movie Festival @ Sarawak Cultural Village, Part one of Seven

I watched The Lord of the Rings, part 1,2, and 3 – Trilogy Movie Marathon last Saturday at Sarawak Cultural Village. Is an outdoor movie screening in the middle of the tropical rainforest. Beside movie, there are also treasure hunt, and free photo printout from Nokia mobile phone, they are using the Nokia N70 to take photos of us and print for us all free of charge. And free ice-cream were treated for children as well, but the ice-cream uncle see Jing is too cute to resist, so he gave Jing 4 free ice-cream. So one for me, and three for Jing.

A very thanks to pretty and cute Jing to cancel away all her appointments, and to accompany me to the festival, that is the first time I visited the culture village. And Jing showed me around, and had provided me some useful information. Basically in culture village, we get to know other ethnic culture, house, and daily life activity, what they do for a living, their habits and customs.

We reach there at around 5.00pm, I was very happy because can shoot photos. After the entrance is a flower garden, and there are some strange looking wood statues beside the garden. Next to the garden there’s a handicraft shop, the administrative office and a restaurant.

This is the entrance to Sarawak Culture Village

After the entrance there a flower garden, I’m very lucky that day cause it actually stop raining, before I came it was still pouring but after I reach it actually stop. This also makes the flower look more colorful and the air fresher.

Wooden statues sculpture

A wooden stairway made from tree trunk, after the ladder is the restaurant, and the administrator office.

View from the top of the wooden stairway

Wooden sculpture of a family

The restaurant, it was close that time. I walk in the shoot on the pretty x-mas decoration

A model of the Culture Village

I guess this might be the award won by the culture village

Jing open a door, and I go pick inside. Found out that it is a theater hall

Starts our journey to explorer the culture of every races.

To visit the Bidayuh long house, we can either choose to walk through this Bidayuh bamboo bridge or use another route.

A sign board beside the bridge “We Invite All Guests To Cross Over To The Bidayuh Long House On This Bidayuh Bamboo Bridge”

We choose to cross from the bamboo bridge, and after the bamboo bridge, there is a stage for dancing class. It teaches ethnic dance and music, and it charge RM5.00 per hour.


Anonymous said...

FYI, the Nokia model that they used there is N90.hehe.Another important things i must declare, which is: I ate 2 ice-cream as well, another 2 was eaten by u leii.... kekeke~ ^^

Gette said...

At the risk of sounding stalkerish: oh, it was you.


cooknengr said...

Hwy Kid, nice to see the village from your detailed perspective. Plus you have a cute and pretty tour guide, who is welcomed to the party.

Wilson Chin said...

jing - The model are really prety ho!!! still can't forget their face. ei~~me eat 2 of the ice-cream kah? lupa la...

gette - come join me next time ya

cooknegr - Thank you :) ...oh she's welcome, ok i will ask her to go as well.

Chen said...

Huh? This is the first time u visited the Cultural Village?
I remember going there the first time in 1991 (during my lower six time) and my second visit was either in early 1999 or early 2000. I don't mind going for 3rd visit :D

The bidayuh bridge.. Yeap, I remembered..

Wilson Chin said...

chen - next time when u go, remember to invite me as well, we can take a lot of photos there