Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Star Rainforest Movie Festival @ Sarawak Cultural Village, Part three of Seven

Next stop is the Penan, here is some fact about the Penan people.

The Penan are forests nomads living in the Miri and Kapit Divisions. Some have settled near longhuorse in these areas, engaging in barter trade and sometimes working for the settlers. Majority of Penan countinues to live as nomads. They construct temporary shelters of saplings, palm leaf and tree bark near food sources. They abandon a shelter because the food had run out, or because of a death in the family group.

The Penan are skilled at making and using blowpipes and forging swords. Their women folk make beautiful baskets and mats; all these handicrafts are used to barter for their frugal needs: salt, cloth and tobacco. The Penans are skillful trackers and hunters. They live on game and fish and forest plants. Their staple food is wild sago. The State Government’s policy is to persuade the nomadic Penans to settle down. School and longhouses have been build to induce them to settle permanently.

Signboard lead to the Penan house

From the outlook of the house, can tell they live a thrifty and simple life

The blowpipe shooting range, visitor can try blowpipe shooting here. Three darts for RM1.00

A close up on the Penan people bed.

I’m not sure what is this use for, there is a tree trunk ladder link to second floor. and there is a string attach from the roof to the ground.

This is the squirrel and snake skin, it may be killed by the blowing pipe.

Another blowpipe shooting range, with RM1.00 for three darts.

Photo of Jing and Wilson (Me) at the Penan hut

There’s a beautiful lake near the Penan hut


cooknengr said...

Kid that hut is for drill the hole in the blow pipe.

Wilson said...

oh is a blowpipe maker...thanks for the info e

Chen said...

Did u try the blowpipe shooting?
I didn't, but my hubby tried it previously..
Now I regretted not giving it a try :)

Wilson said...

chen - one was there that time, so we didn't try. maybe next time ya?