Friday, December 16, 2005

Star Rainforest Movie Festival @ Sarawak Cultural Village, Part seven of Seven

When visiting along houses by houses, there are also many sculpt work from various sculptor.

Sculptor: Mathew Ngau Jau, Date: 12 April, 2003 – 10 May, 2003.

Bali Intiang Sideng Sinan (Sand Stone). Mathew depicts his people’s traditional motifs, the acestors are the people who guards the community, in the stone. Born in Long Semiang, Baram Sarawak, Mathew is a wood carver and a musician. Mathew had gone solo and joint exhibitions in Australia, Germany, France, Japan, and Taiwan.

Bbehind the two stone sculpture, there is this one tall trunk standing next to the lake. It didn’t have any sign on who the sculptor is.

Here a close up on the tall trunk, it looks like a Ulu people traditional crafting

A quiet lake at the culture village.

Sculptor: Raj Thiagarajan, Date: 12 April, 2003 – 10 May, 003

Mask (Granite). This scholar-artist sees many features in common between the tribal masks of India, Africa and Borneo. “People out on their mask so others may not see their real selves”. Raj designs his stone from Tamil Nadu, Dakshinachitra craft village where the stone carving is an on going tradition.

Sculptor: Ravinder Bhardwaj, Date: 12 April, 2003 – 10 May, 003

Seed (Granite). Ravinder textures the rock to bring it out of the surface and colors in some of his works with a high polish convey and illusion of lightness. The illipenut seed actually “flies” before embedding itself in the ground and sprouting to new life. Born in India, teaches at National School of Drama, Art and Design in New Delhi that captures botanical forms in stone.

This is the Malay house, when reach here it was almost time for the movie to start. So I don’t have enough time to capture details photos on the house.

Sculptor: Adam Barnes, Date: 12 April, 2003 – 10 May, 003

Caterpillar (Stand Stone). Adam is an artist in the hands on tradition. The son of a blacksmith specializing in traditional wrought iron furniture and fittings learnt that the craft of smiting.

Stonework and pottery from artist and craftsmen in the adeleide area. He spends some time at art college but he generally design while he works.


Chen said...

These are something new :) At least not available during my last visit there half a decade ago :)

Wilson said...

chen - oh, i will also put my masterpice up soon, i want to sculp a prety girl =P