Monday, January 09, 2006

The Euro Traveling Theme Park @ MJC Batu Kawa Kuching

Now I’m sitting in front of my PC with a little dizzy on my head while writing my write-up on the Euro Traveling Theme Park that I visited last night. My friends and I was having drinks and satay at the Hui Sing open-air when I receive a call from Kuang asking me to join them to the Theme Park. So I quickly finish up my dinner and follow them to the theme park.

When we reach, the place was pack with people. This Theme Park had arrived at Kuching since last year December, and it is open to the public until late midnight. I bought a RM3.00 entrance fees, and bought another 6 tokens which cost me RM12.00. Basically the park divided into two part, one is for thrill ride, like the Xtream where it let people sit in the both end, and keep on spinning and spinning until you vomit all your dinner out. Another one is the Tagada Spin is like a plate where it lets people sits on the edge, then it will start spinning, and spinning again, you are not require to hold the safety bar, as the force that cause by the spin will keep you stick on your sit, and many more other rides. Two is a tent that let people win price like dolls, you just have to understand the rules to win, and if you hit the jackpot then a price will be given away.

My friends and I had tried the Destructor, I had record a movie clip on the ride. When it starts spinning, I was very exited and happy. But after a few minutes, I start to feel strange, my head start to get dizzy, and I can feel that the dinner that I ate half-an-hour ago is trying to get out from my stomach. The stupid thing just go round and round, it even goes upside-down, when it ends the rest of my friends had the same situation like me. So we all stop for a while, and went to the tent to win some stuff. When we wanted to start our next ride, the rains pour heavily. OMG!!! There goes my RM3.00, we all wait there for the rain to stop, but it didn’t. With no choice we all run back to our car, all wet. The next morning when I woke up, my head still feel a bit dizzy…

An adult entrance fees cost RM3.00

Token boot to purchase tokens

I bought a total of 6, which cost RM12.00, some ride require 3 tokens, where some require 6

To win a price, you need to throw the ball to hit the teeth of the clown

…then you can take away one of this little dog with a I love you bone on his mouth

The Tagada Spin

Phantom Chase, this is like a ghost house.

More dolls

My friend try this, 3 token and you can pick any five cards you like. There are number in the card, and if you card had an odd number then you win

But I don’t think the theme park management will put any odd numbers in, cause my friend had play two rounds and walk away with empty hand

The Destructor

The four of us waiting to be destruct

Let the fun begins baby!!!

The tallest, and most danger ride of all. The Xtream

Merry-go- round

yeah, just when we want to go for the next ride. It starts to rain.

The rain is not getting any smaller, so we all went home wet. But at least we win something home, two wet dolls


Gette said...

Good lord, man. I can't believe you actually left your camera running on the Destructor. Hats off to you!

I just relived the entire experience watching that... dizziness and all. >.<

Wilson said...

gette - yep, she follow me where ever i go. I can't watch it anymore, it'll make me feel dizzzzzzzzy....

Desmond said...

U r lucky u can get all those rides...I had to ride with my kid on the choo choo train ... hehehehe

Wilson said...

desmond - aw~~but actualy i wanted to try the cho cho train, but my friends they don't want to try it.

Chen said...

aiks, u want to try the slow and steady/boring choo choo train ah? :P

Wilson said...

chen - Yeah, I would like to try it. Just that my friend don't want to company me :(

Anonymous said...

hi i am just writing this to tell u that i worked on this theam park it was a con and and u dint have much chance to win on the games and the rides was to expenciv......sory but its true

Wilson said...

thanks for the info dude :)