Monday, February 13, 2006

Serian Market

On the fifth day of Chinese New Year, my family and I went to Serian, Kuching to visit mom’s brother. We all went to the Serian market to purchase some food for dinner. The market was crowded by people, I never thought that on the fifth day of CNY people would start working, they suppose to rest at home enjoying the new year holiday.

Since I came to Kuching I had never step into the market before. That day make me think back the time when I always force by my mom to drive her to the market, and to help her carry the things that she bought (what to do, since I don’t have any sister).

There are many stalls at the market, selling vegetable, fruits, drinks, cakes, and some of the thing that I even don’t know the name. According to my uncle, most of them stay in a very remote mountain village. They have their own land, and plant their own crops, don’t judge them from the outside as some of them are very rich people. As usual, I took a lot of photos that day. Some of the aunties are very shy, when I wanted to take their photo, they hurry and cover their face cute.

This is the wet market that sells fish

Loach, it taste nice if steam it with some ginger. Is good for patient that just had an operation.

Malay food stalls

A grocery stall

Malay cake

This stall sells fried chicken, sausage, chicken butt, and drinks (RM1.00 per cup)

This is a guy that sell medicine made from Sea Horse. He looks very spooky, he did help one of his customers cure her neck pain. First he hold some water in the mouth, then he spray the water on the lady’s back neck. All of a sudden, the water at the neck turns into red color, red like blood. Yiaks...I think this is some king of black magic, to cheat people money. Is disgusting...

there are cucumber, papaya, and eggplant

A few ladies in the market are peeling bamboo stick to make something out of it

There are bananas, yam, pumpkin, and ginger.


Can get this from most of the seafood restaurant. Insect-in-a-shell.

My grandma use to buy this as a dishwasher sponge

Durians, I ate a lot of durians during the New Year. Anyone don’t like durians here?

The first time I saw this fruit? No idea what is this thing, and it cost RM1.00 per Kilograms.

There are rambutans and mango

This is my favorite, Jambu.


Bananasssss, vegetables, and rambutanssssss

No idea what is this as well, it cost RM1.00 per bag

This is the heart of a coconut tree trunk, it taste nice if cook with curry

Valentine’s day is coming :) love is in the air…Happy Valentine’s Day my dear reader.


Desmond said...

Again, nice photo shoot of Serian. Did you get to shoot pictures of the toilet? It is deemed as the best kept toilet in the State. Happy Valentines Day - so outing with your gurlfren ah?

jasmine said...

wa....eventful huh...

anyway the fruits which u have no idea wad it is... that's called buah jering some kinda fruit which u eat it with 'sugared coconut'

the fruit in the bag is some sort of fermented fruit...they ferment it with salt water sugar & etc... it tastes very a wet somboi...

Nyway... Happy Valentine's Dy to u...:) Have a nice week...

cooknengr said...

Kid, excellent post of good old Serian. Eh "what to do, since I don’t have any sister".好像有點那個 this 會永遠找不到老婆 :)

Pink Cotton said...

hmm no sister??? then its ur duty to find a good daughter in law for ur mom lor... :D

hey!!! the blue drink in the drink stall really caught my attention la!! SO NICE!!! ^_^

j!nG said...

Hurry find a daughter-in-law for ur mum then she can bring ur mum to market liaw ^^
HappY Va|ent!ne's DaY (",)

Wilson said...

desmond - I wanted to shoot the toilet, but when i reach the food court my camera's batt had die on me :S "Best kept toilet!!!" wow, i'm impress, thanks for the info peng you. Happy Valentines Dat to u as well, remember to buy ur wife rose oh...

jasmin - Thanks for the info Jas, if have chance maybe will try the fruit. But for the fermented fruit, better don't try as it will cause cancer. danger...

e - hahahaha, thanks for reminding me.

pink cotton - The blur drink are Yam flavour, RM1.00 per cup.

jing - Happy Valentine Day to u as well. See u soon :)

FH2O said...

What a lot of photos giving a nice overview!

Since u r a guy, I'm NOT wishing you happy valentine! Have a nice day!

miracle8 said...

Hi Wilson,
Happy Valentine's Day! Yeah the Cooknengr has reminded you... so jia you ah!
Nice pics of Serian. Chicken butt= bishop's nose, and the fruit which you did not know the name of, is called tamarind (asam) I think. The yellow fruits in the plastic bag with some liquid is most probably buah kedondong.

fish fish said...

Oops, I miss serian market... A Lot!! Happy Valentine's. ^_^

Wilson said...

fh2o - thanks, u have a nice day as well :)

miracle8 - I like the chicken butt, it tasted nice. But i dont like to buy it from the roadside stalls. i pefer fried it myself.
yeah, adding oil now :P

fish fish - Happy Valentine's \('_')/

geovanni said...

Hi Wilson, my first time to your site, referal by

Nice photo you have out there... nice photo blog.