Saturday, March 25, 2006

Volcano Eruption

When my friends are resting below the shade, I notice the clouds had form a shape that look just like lava erupting from the volcano.

below cliff
Very stress out by my work this lately. I love my work, but I hate them.


miracle8 said...

Wow...did you use photo stitching?

cooknengr said...

Kid, great picture with two different dimensional feel. The top half seems to be at an different angle from the bottom half and yet they are from the same wonder someone asked if youp photo stiched.

Chen said...

This is great :)
really gives me the impression that the "volcano" is erupting..

Ice Lemon Tea said...

good picture and nice blog wilson.

fish fish said...

Ah~ very nice. You sure have very good eyes to catch the right thing. ;)

Wilson said...

miracle8 -
I'm using the panorama function in my Olympus camera :)

e -
haha, thanks :)

chen -
when I saw that clouds formation, I quickly press the shutter button.

summer wing -
thanks for visiting :)

fish fish -
thanks, I like your photos as well. You too have good eyes catch the right thing, escpecialy food photos :P

a^ben said...

I was here~ hope all is fine. hiaks hiaks hiaks :P

Wilson said...

thanks ben :)