Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Climbing Mountain Singai

“Wilson, this Labor Day we go conquer Mt Singai, you want to join or not?” My friend called and asked me this. “No problem. Yes I like Mt where is Mt Singai” I replied.

Mt Singai is located at Bau, and this mountain is belong to the Catholic Memorial and Pilgrimage Center (CMPCM)so everyone is welcome. We are in a group of fifteen people, we start our journey at around 9.00am, there is a church at the middle of the mountain, to go there need to walk the staircases all the way up to the church. I was quite impressed and curious on how the people actually bring all the building materials up to the mount and build the church??!! On our way up, there are 12 small check points, and each check point imprint a short story of Jesus. I shoot a lot of photos along the way, and the view is nice when we reach higher.

50 minutes later we reached the Catholic church. Some of my friend went for praying, and while my friend is busy praying I was busy shooting photos. The people who live here had plant a lot of beautiful flowers, and they had did a good job on keeping the place clean. I start to get worried after the sky turns to dark. Hope that we all can reach the top, and come down before it rains. After 20 minutes, we all start our mountain climbing.

At first I tough climbing this mountain will like walk in the park for me, but who know its quite challenging, some part of the mountain are so slanting that require rope to climb up. The mountain is cover with dense forest; some of the trees are very BIG and TALL. I was very tired, and actually plan to give up halfway. Suddenly I saw a small kid going down the mountain with his parent! How can I loose to a kid, so this made me go go go. After one hour and ten minutes, I had successfully reached the summit. My clothes are wet due to sweating, and I was exhausted.

At the summit, the air is fresh, the weather is cold, but very unfortunate the scene were covered by fog. I can hear bird singing, insect crying, and feel the refreshing breeze blowing. This is just simply the best way to relax your mind and soul. We all chat, we joke, and we laugh, after 40 minutes, is downhill time. This is the part that I like, cause is not as hard as going up I just need concentration, and focus on the way down. I start to race with my friends on going down, but for the girls they like to do it slow and steady. Going up it require one hours and ten minutes, believe it or not going down it only takes 30 minutes (and I also stop for photos).

When reach downhill, we stop at the pavilion to wait for the others. And lucky for us (the faster one), it start to rain. The few of us just sit there and standby to laugh at the slower one. The rain is pouring heavily, and we are all very hungry, wet, cold, and tired. We can’t wait anymore longer for the rain to stop, so we all rush down the hill to our car. This is a very fun and unforgettable experience. I have underestimate and look down on this mountain, next time before any of this mountain climbing, I will go for training to build up my stamina first.

Meet the gang. At first I still dono how tough it is to clim this mountain, but I just assume that it would probably like a walk in the park.

There are bridge and stairs way for visitor to walk all the way up the church

This is like a small check point, there is a cross like statue. It has a picture on the middle of the cross, and some description to describe the picture. Is about the story of Jesus.

A signboard that display layout on the church area

This is a open amphitheatre, I like the design

A very big pavilion

Star our journey. Destination Mt Singai summit.

One hour and ten minutes later, I reach the summit. On top of the hill, there is this platform

View from top of Mt Singai. It will be very beautiful if the fog is not around covering most of the scene

thirty minutes later, reach down to the starting point again. While I’m standing in the amphitheatre, two butterflies keep on flying around me. No mater how I chase them away, they still flying around me. What sign this is? I think I will strike lottery soon.

Luckily I went down fast, cause after I reach the church a few minutes later it star to rain

The rain keeps on pouring, we are all very hungry, cold, and tired. So we all run to our car despite the rain, but it was fun.


Anonymous said...

hi, wilson, i m still the first one to post a comment ...erm... remember the last time you 'fly me a plane' to mount santubong..hope tat we still got the chance to conquer it...hehe... but i think you need to do more excercise lah... i m not going to pull you up...hehe...

Pink Cotton said...

hahah wil,the travilion is our catholic church... :p
its an open air church

Anonymous said...

Ya. I like the mountain climbing.
I once climbed the mount Santubong during schooling day with the Geo Club. Boy I miss the excitement and fun. It sure help to build team spirit and l love the satisfaction achieve when you successfully climb to the submit.
And great view too :)

Tze How

Ice Lemon Tea said...

wilson, im so admire lah u have a group of friend that same interest with you. Think i also want to go there and view from the top of Mt Singai too... ^_^

Chen said...

If I'm not mistaken, either my sister or my cousin has been to this place before.. :)

Anonymous said...

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Walter said...

Wil, thanks again for the snapshots of Mt.Sigai. I have always heard of the place but have yet to visit it. Yours quality shots on Mt.Sigai n many other interesting places in kuching transport me to those places though I have yet to see them in the flesh. Good sharing from u. Maintain the momentum.

Wilson said...

bbt -
ok, dont worry. Next time you come, we go conquer it together. no more "put areoplane" this time ;)

pink cotton -
Oh..then u always go there? is a long way up gab...

Tze How -
Hi man, glad u drop by my site. Is really nice to know u :) do keep in touch, and next time we go climb mountain together k.

summer wing -
hey dont worry, just give me u no. next time if i go anywhere i'll give u a call k.

chen -
haha, hey Doc. When is ur turn? kekeke

walter -
ur welcome Walter :) really happy to have a reader like u :) will bring u all to more place in the future :)

Chen said...

my turn ah?
Lazy to climb mountain, hahaha :D
imagine have to climb up certain places there using rope.. definitely not easy :P

rosewong said...

wilson :-)

hehe.. wow.. the world is so small.. i think i went round 9too.. not too sure.. but we didn't climb the mountain.. only bring the bricks up to the church :-) my family and i left mt singai b4 it rains.. that was few seconds b4 i pop into my car..

Anonymous said...

hello wilson,
"...there are 12 small check points...". Well, I think it should be 14 Stations in total, or as you call it 'check points'. These Stations actually tell us about the Passion of our Lord, the important events before and during the death of Jesus Christ.

Anyway, it is good that you enjoyed the experience.