Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sarawak River, Kuching Waterfront, and my camera

While I bring my cousin across the Sarawak River, is shaky in the boat. It was dusk, and not must nature lights. But taking photos with original/nature light ca give the best result. I had done some experiment myself on shooting some low light photography. I change to a higher sensitivities level to get a higher shutter speed. A higher speed enables me to take pictures in poor lighting conditions, but with a very high noise level.

The results are not bad. I like my last photo the most, but one thing is the horizontal line is not balance. Why is this happen, because that day there is this fat dude sitting opposite me, causing the boat to become imbalance. And how much do you need to pay to cross over the river? RM0.30 day time, and RM1.00 night time.

The old historical shop lots opposite Kuching Waterfront

Almost dusk


though it was just a few minutes boat ride, but it somehow make me feel uncomfortable. Shit!!! I’m getting sea sick.

Happy Weasak Day 2006 everyone :)


cooknengr said...

Hey Kid, the last picture is excellent. The horizontal may be skewed, but it's in the far field, very natural for a camera to fish eye/Distort due to lens capability. From this low angle, it's just perfect, for the viewer's point, it does not feel un-naural because it's a picture of body of water, a false impression on the viewer just like looking at the sea,in the far field, the horizon is naturally curved. And this curvature show's the vastness of the back ground, contrast with your small area in your sampan. Great job!

walter said...

Happy Wesak Day Wilson.

Chen said...

I like the last two pictures :)
Very nice.

miracle8 said...

Happy Wesak Day Wilson! Did u call your mom today? Its Mommy's day.

Wilson said...

e -
thanks, that time the pakcik was busy operating the sampan engine. so i hurry take a shoot on the horizontal line, and the sampan with out the pakcik in it.

walter -
Happy Weasak Day to u as well :)

chen -
Thank you Doc :)

miracle8 -
haha, Yep. I did call...i miss mommy. Happy Wesak Day to u too :)

JustAnotherTragedy said...

I'm so jealous of people who own a SLR :(

Wilson said...

me too...hope i can get one soon