Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Rainforest World Music Festival 2006 @ Sarawak Culture Village, Kuching

This year is the 9th Rainforest World Music Festival (7th – 9th July), my cousin brother Kenny and I had went for the Sunday show. Before that I didn’t plan to go actually, cause I think there is no point listen to a bunch of people play drums, plus they are not famous so why waste the money. But everyone is talking about this festival, it only organize once a year. People around the world are coming for this music event, and the culture village is just like 14minuts drive from town (only if Kenny drive) so I just follow Kenny to the music festival.

Kenny pick me up at 10a.m from my hosue, and we first went to the Tun Abdul Razak Hall. An artist name Stephen Bennett was exhibiting his painting at the museum. Some of the picture can cost around USD4000 and higher. He exhibits the portrait paintings of people that he had met around the world including his travels around Sarawak, Sabah, Brunei, and Kalimantan, the theme for the exhibition is called the “Portraits From My World”. His painting wes amazing, it was just like a real photo. There are two types in his portrait photos; one is painted with colorful colors. And another one is with original skin color. For me I like both, as each of them has it own beauty.

So after the museum, we had our breakfast at open air with Kuih Tiao and Sio Bee. We reach Santubong resort at 11.21am. We park our car there, and bough two tickets of music festival (RM60 each), and two shuttle car ticket (RM5 per-person) to bring us to the music festival and back to the resort when finish.

Upon entering the culture village, we have to wear a wristlet to indicated that we had bought our tickets. My wristlet number is 00001, how lucky. The weather is HOT!!! We then went to the auditorium to check out the schedule for the day. Then we start to roam around culture village, Kenny is a tour guide so he knows how to explain the characteristic of each ethnic group in Sarawak to me.

2.00pm, we went to a percussion workshop at Lagenda hall with the theme Feel The Beat. The group consist people from Korea, Madagascca, Latin America, Mongolia, and Malaysia. I felt very amaze on how they can combine all the instruments together and form a fantastic music beat rhythm. Everyone was carried away by the music, we dance, we clap hands, we laugh, and we all had a very good time.

The workshop last for about 40 minutes, and then we went to this Iban Longhouse, the Sarawak Bidayuh tribe dance with member of Biringkeng Tuaan, with the themes Menigal. When we reach, it was almost over, so we proceed to the next workshop at the auditorium. The themes for this workshop were Drones and Popes, this was perform by people from Austria, Scotland, and France but when we reached the hall the show was over. The three workshops are performing at the same time from 2.00pm to 2.40pm.

The time was 3.20pm, hungry :S we went to the food stalls to get something to eat. After surveying, I decided to eat Kebab (RM7). Is a half pizza, half burger thing. Kenny meet his friends, we sat down under the tree shade, and chill. The feeling that time was unexplainable, just imagine in a hot day. You eating bugger, drinking cold coke, while chilling under the tree, and breeze blowing at you. Plus there are a lot of foreigner hot chicks walking around.

We stayed until 4.30pm, then we went to the last workshop at the auditorium again. With the themes Kissing Cousins which will perform Bidayuh bamboo instruments plus Madagascan music instrument. Both of the instruments are made from bamboo. They all give introduction to each and everyone of the musical instrument, and also tell brief history on the musical instrument background. Its like a history class, and I almost fell asleep, seriously I hate history classes I fail my history exam from kindergarten until secondary school. This last workshop is kinda boring; when it ends we have to be inform by the MC that “ok, the show is over now. You can come up and try the instrument if you want.”. Then everyone just start to clap hands, and run for exit.

The night show starts at 7.30pm. We then went to the Damai beach; I wanted to take some shoots, especially sunset shoots. Wow~~seeing the sunset is beautiful, just if you are here beside me. We head back to the culture village at around 7.00pm, felt hungry. Kenny bough lots of food for me (my good cousin brother), we had bugger, coke, sausage, satay, and barbeque chicken for dinner.

The first group to perform is by Istamuzika from Malaysia, follow by Genticorum from Canada, then is Tengir Too from Kygryzstan, after that is Kilema from Madagascar, and then is Calle Sur from Latin America, then Les Yeux Noirs from France, and last is the Finale from all of the performance around the world. The rainforest was full of people, it was like the United Nation. People from around the globe gather together and celebrate. The RM60 entrance fees is all worth it, next year mark the 10th Anniversary of the Rainforest Music Festival, for me I will definitely go for it. See you all next year at the rainforest music festival my dear readers.

Enjoy the photos and clips.

Before I went to the music festival, Kenny had bring me to the Dewan Tun Abdul Razak (Tun Abdul Razak Hall) is situated just opposite the Museum Sarawak. As there’s an painting exhibition.

”Portraits From My World” an exhibit of portraits paintings of the people Stephen Bennett has met around the world.

The tall guy on the upper left corner is Mr. Stephen Bennett. Notice that he carries lots of camera on his neck. That is one of my dreams, to go around the world and take photos everywhere I go.

Inside the hall, the painting is displayed on the center of the hall.

This is an unfinished painting, wonder who is the old dude?

The name of this pretty girl is Jennifer Koo. Just look at how he painted the face, and hair. It looks so real.

This is a biggest portrait painting, it was hang on the center. This painting would cost more than USD4000, and guess how big it is?

Kenny standing beside the picture.

In this picture, the light on the face. It gives me a 3D feel, it looks so real.

His workplace, is a mess. I think every arties workplace is a mess.

Ok, after the exhibition. Our next destination Sarawak Culture Village.

We part our car at Santubong resort.

Tickes girls

Tickets on the left is for entering the culture village which cost RM60 each, tickets on the right is for shuttle car to bring us from the resort to the culture village, and later back to the resort again. Which cost RM5 per person

Kenny and his tourist guide friends.

Yeah baby, welcome to the Sarawak Culture Village

Before we enter, we have to wear this wristlet to prove that we had bough tickets.

Above is the restaurant.

Barbeque chicken wings, and drum stick. Cost RM2.50 each

Lots of booths had been set up to sells souvenir.

First I went to the Chinese House, which I had missed out last time.

Chinese altar

When I step in this house, it had somehow brings me back to the pass. I can still remember to old house that my grandpa and grandma live, the design is exactly the same. The table, how they put the knife, the cooking stove, the cupboard, and the thing that sit under each leg of the cupboard which you have to pour water in it to prevent ants from going to the cupboard. All of this is exactly the same.

Another view on the tradition Chinese house.

The first booth that we visit. This guy sells Tradewind Treasures from the South China Sea. All are ancient shipwreck jewelries and artifacts. Each item is individually handcrafted in sterling silver and in one of a kind.

Malay house

The interior of the traditional Malay house.

the bedroom of the Malay people

The Melanau house. The Melanau are one of Sarawak natives people, which live inside the forest.

They likes to eat sago, sago its like their local delicacy.

This is the Sago tree trunk.

Behold the stage for tonight event.

This dude must be the one who in charge of the sound system tonight.

This is the auditorium theatre, and guess what I saw in the theatre...

...some sleepy staffs.

The first workshop starts at 2.00. The themes for this workshop “Feel The Beet” a percussion workshop. We reach there 15 minutes before showtime, to get a good sit. They are setting up the sound system.

yeah, lets all standup and dance and I was standing on a chair.

Enjoy the clips. The group consist people from Korea, Madagascca, Latin America, Mongolia, and Malaysia.

At the Iban Longhouse. Menigal a interactive Sarawak Bidayuh tribe dance workshop with members of Biringkeng Tuaan.

At the Auditorium theater. “Drones and Pipes", a hurdy-gurdies, harmoniums, and a lof of hot wind. Pity is that when we rach, the show was over.

Is time to dig for food.

Suddenly I was crave for kebab, and I went for this stall called the Little Lebanon

See how he prepare the food.

My lamb kebab RM7. Kenny paid this for me.

After our lunch, we head back to the auditorium again for another workshop. The “Kissing Cousins”, is a Bidayuh bamboo instruments meet Madagascan bamboo instruments. For me it was more like a history class then a musical workshop.

I almost fell asleep in the auditorium

Now all of the workshop had ended, we have to wait till 7.30pm for the night shows to start. So we walk to Damai Lagon, and to the beach to take some shoots.

Welcome to the beach, I haven’t been here for almost one year. Times fly

Beautiful sunset, I just love sunset. Is very harmony, and beautiful. (12 July) a very special day, wish you’re happy always.

Is time to eat again, this round is for dinner.

we had coke, bugger, sausage, barbeque chicken, and Satay for dinner.

Let the music begins

Just if I had a digital SLR, then you guys can see clearly the performance on stage.

The Kilema group from Madagascar.

Just look at the crowd.

Everybody dance with the music. Who cares worldcup is just few hours away,

After the grand Finale which perform by every performance from all over the world, then it marks the end of the 9th Rainforest World Music Festival 2006. here is my ticket to get back to Santubong resort, see you all next year.
Kenny thanks for your sun block cream, I just notice that I didn’t suffer any sun burn :)
Another thing is Kenny you’ve use to talk to stranger right, do you see the yellow shirt girl, can you go over and…


G Walter said...

Thanks for sharing the pic with us.It seems like we r also touring the places virtually. Damai Beach ah...heaven on earth!

cooknengr said...

Hye kd, I like the Hakka house, playing Goli on the dirt(earth) floor

Wilson said...

g walter -
your welcome brother ;)
I like to go to the beach.

eddie -
I used to do that with my brother when i was small. miss d old days

Red Sponge said...

The ticket is getting more and more expensive. Din get any free ticket this year and no more student fare = not going.

Really enjoy the everybody-dance-together part.

Anonymous said...

Hey man ! U went to the RFWMF '06 !! Sadly me didn't see u there...

Did u try the Tibau swing beside the Melanau House ? If u did, me sure didn't see u for some reason. Me was playing the swing for the whole afternoon. The 'fun-est' thing to do during the day time other than attending the workshops.

Well, see u next year at RFWMF '07 !!
Sure is the most happening and the 'best-est' music event in M'sia.
(stand aside, Malaysian Idols!)

Barking Gecko

Wilson said...

Barking Gecko -
Hi man, seems that you're having lots of fun there. Yeah! see u at RFWMF'07 ;)

Anonymous said...

Fun ? Oh~~ me sure had tons of them.

BTW, me had uploaded some pix here -->
go check if u r free. :o)
c ya.

Barking Gecko

Anonymous said...

i always play guli with my cousin too when we was small, miss those days.. btw, be4 this i never know there is such festival in sarawak, until my frds from johor and taiping ask me only i know abit abit, they say how could i as a sarawakian dunno these, hehe.. one of my sunway friend went to this festival, she love music alot, she is gd in piano and violin.. and i met an australian at kl, he went to sarawak again just for this festival, hope i will able to go for the 2008 RFWMF.

Wilson said...

Berking Gecko -
yuo shoot a lot of nice photos there, i like b/w photos. and i like ur site as well, keep up the good work mate.
see ya :)

syuen -
next year mark the 10th aniversary is RFWMF, so it will be grand.