Monday, August 28, 2006

Vegetable Noodle, and Night View of Sunday Market

My friend knows that I don’t like to eat vegetable, so she bought me a noodle made from vegetable. She told me that this is good for me health, and the portion is a lot, is enough for two people to eat. But in the end, I still manage to finish all of it.

That night, out with friends for supper. I crave for the sio bi at open air, haven’t been there for along time. Yesterday night finally have the chance to eat the sio bi, it was delicious. And after that we went to the Sunday Market where I can get cheap, clean, big, juicy apples.

Here is some shoot which I took at the overhead bridge. Kuching is really a beautiful and peaceful city.

Vegtable Noodle, people can actually think of any tactic, idea, just to keep their business going.

I ate eight, while my friend ate two.

On the left side are Satok Plaza, Maybank, and small shotlots. While on the right are Sunday Market. Sunday Market only operate their business on Saturday evening, until Sunday morning.

Cars coming from the Satok Bridge, the independent day of Malaysia is just at the corner, and this year Kuching has been selected as the city to be celebrate in big time.
I will be having a very very very very important appointment tonight, wish me luck my dear reader. Eat porridge, eat rice is all depends on tonight. I must focus and concentrate.


13th Panda said...

wah..ur fren so u vegetable noodle..i used to have them at 3rd mile lo..its quite nice..i just hope its not that oily :-p

Why u don't like vegetables?
must take care of health lo..

anyway gd luck for ur appointment!

Red Sponge said...

HAHAHA...I tot it is 13th Panda that bought u the green mee...cos she is always reminding me to take vege...


wish u eat rice with shark fin soup! said...

I found another Kuching blogger!

Wilson said...

13th panda -
ya they all r very nice to me :)
I also dono y dont like, but i know this is not good for health if keep on eating meat.

red sponge -
thanks :)
the appointment was half success, he became our sifu. and promis will teach us anything he knows.

karen q said...

gosh~ i have forgot how long i din been there... erm.. 4 or 5 years??

Wilson said...

karen q-
that's really a long time :S

Faithcraft said...

I remember that Mee Kolok restaurant, beside Maybank Satok fly over was the best breakfast i ever had in Kuching!