Friday, October 20, 2006

The Beautiful Costa Rica Hotel

Two hours later we reach the Costa Rica/Le Paris hotel. The Resort Hotel offers 207 guestrooms and 109 apartments, all fully appointed and luxuriously furnished with all the modern amenities. It had one swimming pool, a 6-lane bowling alley, and…I guess that’s about it.

The camp organizer had arrange me to live in room 706. When I step in the elevator, I notice it has 13th floor, and 13thA Floor. Most of the building will avoid using 13, but how come Costa Rica like it so much? No wonder its famous on all the *cough* haunted stories *cough*. Opss did I say that out loud!!! Sorry~~

Hope you like my photos :)

I was located on the 7th floor, on room706.

the front view on the resort

I had my breakfast, dinner, and lunch here.

a small swimming pool, no people swim there. Sien~~~

night view from my room balcony

day view from my room balcony, I would prefer view which face the sea. Just imagine early morning I wakeup, walk to the balcony, morning breeze blowing gently on my face. A relaxing way to start my day.

There are no win, no wave, no white sand, no hot chick, no nothing.

I miss the beach at Damai Kuching.

sunset view (by my Olympus)

there are two big vessels (by my Olympus)

a close up on the vessels (by my Olympus)

on the coast line, there’re a lot of tinny sea shells. If put all this into my tinny fish tank back home, I think my fish will like it. (by my Olympus)

My friend had caught a crab, after took photo of it, we let it go back to the sea.(by my Olympus)