Sunday, January 21, 2007

Holiday trip @ The Saujana Resort

Went for a trip last week to The Saujana Resort with few of my buddies, the resort was somewhere at Shah Alam. We took MAS Airline, and reach the resort by using a taxi. The driver was nice, he chat with us all the way from the airport until we reach the resort. I was told that this resort previously was named Hyatt Hotel, but now rename become Saujana.

When we check-in, we then went for dinner. Had a buffet style dinner, and the food was nice. After the dinner, we went to Sunway Pyramid to shopping. Most of my buddies had bough red clothes for Chinese New Year. I didn’t meet the perfect one, so I didn’t buy. We went back to the resort after shopping, my roommate and I had gone for swimming. We are allowed to swim anytime we want, and there are a few China dolls swimming that time. Just when my buddy and I went back to our room, my friend told me that he left his short at the pool side. So we have to went back again, and look for his black short. A very good experience….

The next morning, we all went for archer, boat pedaling, bicycling, and etc. It was indeed a very fun morning. Though the room rate was a little bit expensive, but with all this fun, is all worth it.

ticket to holiday

my lunch came just in time, I was very hungry…

reached KL safely :)

lobby view of The Saujana Resort

my friends and I had a buffet style dinner

swimming pool at Saujana resort.

night view of the Saujana resort.

drink some liquor at night can lead to a very good night sleep

the next morning, we went for boat pedaling…

we had a race, and my team lost !!!

robin hoot

just when I reach Kuching, a bunch of people welcoming me back to Kuching, how nice.
Wishing every one of you good luck with your work, and happy always.

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Anonymous said...

yo...u sure that ur friend really lost his short? i think he is finding excuses to see the china chicks....wakakkakakaka....