Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Fish at Friendship Park ….

When I reach friendship park, a gust of stinky win blowing at me. It smells like dead fish, I ignore it and start to jog. Just when I reach the man made pond, all the water had gone, and all the fish are floating on the water. I was shock and curious, what happen here? I took a lot of photos when I walk one round, then I sit down at the pavilion with one of the guard. He told me that two of the water pumps are damage, so the council had decided to change it. They only discuss on how to change the pumps, but did talk about on how to save all the fish.

There are millions of fish in the pond, pity too see all the fish die because of some damage water pumps. I cannot comment much on the council move, but I do think that they should think of a way to save some of the fish, before this everyday there will be people come and feed the fish. This can let couple know that their partners is kind, there are also family come and feed the fish, this can let parents to teach their children to love animal. The fish will follow you when you walk along the pond, but now this scene no more :(

The guard said now they need at least 3 to 4 weeks to fix the pumps, then a few weeks to refill all the water back again, and then another few weeks to put some chlorine back to the water. And thennnnn another few weeks to test the water, after everything is ok, they will just then put in new fish. With this thing happen, who to blame? The public by feeding the fish, or the council by sucking all the water out?











Anonymous said...

Yep.... this shown how efficient our council is. I was there the night before the fish the all died off. Ask a 4 years old kid, with some many fishes in the pond and so little water, u think the fish will survive or not? and they will give u an answer NO.

BUt only memang "BOLEH" council say that they don have the experience in rearing fishes and then they play "tai Chi" by blaming the public for feeding the fish.

cooknengr said...

Hey Kid, that's what happen when idiots run the city.

Jing said...

Poor fishes...

Wilson said...

anonymous - Tai Chi is the common tactic they usually use in the council. I have plenty of this experience.

taiko - 100% support u :)

jing - what to do, we cannot simply made commend, later trouble.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilson
You've a pretty cool blog.. about the interesting places at Kch Sarawak.I'm from Kch. Now at Australia and pretty much miss home. Your photos remind me of my home town.. especially what happen this few months at Kch. Keep on doing, I really enjoy it soooo much. Thanks..Cheerss and stay cool..