Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mountain Climbing @ Mount SantuBoon Kuching Sarawak - Part Two of Three

The mountain trek is not easy as the jungle trek, Peter said that now we all know the power of gravity. When I was climbing up the mount,


We stop for some water. Austin had brought a pack of snack, and a pack of melt chocolate (the chocolate is 4 months old, almost expire), which make us laugh hardly. Peter did ask me what to bring, I told him bring nothing but water. He has a pack of cigarette, and water.

Now we have reached the first mountain trek station which is at 760 meter. Boon told us his previous experience in climbing SantuBoon…
Boon: Previously I had brought a group of 20 girls to climb this mountain, and we all had successfully gone up until the summit then down again. But the whole trip had took us 8 hours plus.
Peter: This shows that girls have a stronger mentality than guy.
Wilson: This I totally agree, I watch Survivor the girls always win when it require to stand under the sun for few hours. Why is this happening?
Austin: You know guy don’t have strong mentality, and sometime our lower part body will even bypass the brain, and do something which will make us worry for night month, and the rest of our life.
Wilson, Peter, Chua, and Boon: (O_o)” …. !!!
And our journey continue…

Is 880 meter and the time is now 9.23am, my hand is sharing. Barely lift up my camera, very low energy. My headache is killing me, this point onward require a lot of rope climbing.


One step at a time, this is the words which repeat again and again in my mind. There is one part where we need to walk a 70 degree slanting trek, and when we go down, I saw this in front of me.


Is waterfall, though is not big but is pretty. Just when I wanted to go down for a close shoot, I misstep and fall down. They all shout my name from behind, I had a bad fall, I hit my leg, and my back. My friends are worried, they all come and see if I’m ok or not.

I’m ok…we all stop by the waterfall and rest for a while.

We have reached 1960 meter, I’m exhausted. The trek is stiff and my legs feel numb. I wanted to ask for a rest, but I see they all are concentrating so I follow.

One step at a time, I had reach maximum body strength, what keep me going now is my mind. But my headache is killing me.


Is a destination that is up on the sky, impossible for me to reach it. Boon tell me there is no can or cannot, there is just I want to do it or not. Then he told me the story again, where he led 20 girls to the summit of Santubong. How I can lost to girls, so I keep on going.


The time now is 10.51am, and we have reached the F8 station 2280 meter so far. Austin used a rope to tie his pants. He told us that at the bottom of the mountain, his pants are still very tight, but now he feels that he had lost a few kilograms.

I have no energy to talk or stand. All of my friends ask me to lie down, cause my face look pale. Wow~~now I know how it feels to reach the max of my body energy level. Boon told me to go back, cause with my condition he worried that I might collapse soon, cause the trek will be must more tough later.

I look at the signboard, to the mount summit still 2 hours and 30 minutes to go. I hate the feeling of giving up, but this time due to my body condition, I might have to accept this faith. All the team member company me go down the mountain, I feel like a loser. I have to high expectation and ego.

------------to be continue-----------


Anonymous said...

hi Wilson
You have a very cool blog. I had been to Santubong Mt once with my colleagues. It's a very tough climbing way up to the summit. It's fun. We climbed the mountain after conquered Kota Kinabalu Mt. To tell you the truth, Santubong Mt is harder than Kota Kinabalu Mt. Well done.

Wilson said...

thanks for telling me that, I've yet to conquered Mt KK, but I will one day.