Friday, October 26, 2007

Mountain Climbing @ Mount Santubong Kuching Sarawak - Part Three of Three

Mini Series of Mount Santubong
Mount Santubong Post 1 of 3
Mount Santubong Post 2 of 3
Mount Santubong Post 3 of 3

Going downs about 45 minutes. Going down the mountain is must more easy than going up, there is three starting point to go up Santubong. We choose the second point to go up, and had chosen the third point to go down. For the third one, we after we reach down Santubong, we need to walk another 20 minutes to reach Green Café where we park our car.

Peter and Boon race their way to the car when they reach the bottom of the mount. For me I don’t have any energy, I just sit at the road side, and wait for them to come and drive me home.

This is some of the photos I shoot during my way up Santubong, sorry no photo from the mountain peak. But I promises that for my next Santubong trip, I will post lots of photos from the summit.




This is my gang…

L-R: Austin (Green Cap), Chua, Boon, Wilson Chin (Me), Peter.


cooknengr said...

hey kid, 有人戴綠帽哩!

Wilson said...

That one is Austin, he like that cap very much. :P