Monday, November 03, 2008

Visitation to Kampung Dunuk/Padawan

I’m inside a van now, and this van belongs to the Sarawak Children Cancer Society. Inside the van we have other two members from the Kuching Life Care Society, one from the Sarawak Children Cancer Society, one retire nurse from Sarawak General Hospital, two doctors from China. There are all 7 of us. Today we will drive Mr Pat to go back home, Mr Pat is a nephrosis patient, he just finish his Renal Therapy from Sarawak General Hopital, and he had bring along two box of renal medicine from Baxter Healthcare company, and this is sponsor by the Sarawak Hospital.

It would take about 1 ½ hours to get from General Hospital to Kampung Dunuk/Padawan, and that’s a long journey. Mr Pat had diagnosed with Renal Disease for 7 years, and her oldest daughter has the same problem, and had been undergo her renal therapy for 5 years, she’s 17 years old this year. At Kampung Dunuk/Padawan, he have 7 kids at home, and one of them who name Arnold Cesser 14 years old had a brain tumor and undergo tumor surgeon when he was 4 years old, he survive, but now he can’t speak, he can walk or stand. All day long he just lies on the floor, waiting for his mom to take him to bath, and go to toilet. The Kuching Life Care Society bad brought some food for them, and they also donate a sum of money for their monthly expenses.

This visitation had teach me to cherish my life, I'm so lucky to be bless with healthy body, god bless Mr Pat and his family.

This is Kampung Padawan, and is a traditional longhouse. They have electric, but don’t have water supply. They drink and use stream water.

This is Mr Pat. He’ve diagnose with nephrosis for 7 years. He has 8 children, one die, now left 7. Oldest daughter is a nephrosis patients as well. The fourth children diagnose with brain cancer, but had under go surgeon when he was 4 years old, now he is 14 years old. He don’t know how to talk, stand, shit, and pee by himself.

This is their cooking stove to cook food, and boil water, they don't have gas.

This is their bathroom, which is cover by this canvas. It has no rooftop, when it rains they can have free shower.

They have no water supply, their water source is from the stream water.

The Kuching Life Care had sponsor some food for Mr Pat, and the medicine is for Mr Pat renal therapy. This two box is only enough for one treatment, so he have to go to General Hospital Kuching either tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow to get his chemical. The chemical was sponsor by the General Hospital.

This is Mr Pat's son. Arnold Cesser, he was diagnose with brain cancer 10 years ago, and had a surgeon back then. After the surgeon, he had recover but the side effect is that now he can't walk, he can't speak, he can't learn normally, he can't go to the toilet himself.

The Sarawak Children's Cancer Society, tel no. 082-245876, the location is at here.

This is Ms Nancy, she is one of the person in charge from the Sarawak Children's Cancer Society. The purpose for her visitation is to get as many details information as possible, and then apply social welfare provision for Arnold Cesser.

This is Mr Pat, and his second youngest son.

This is Arnold Cesser's mother, she told us in tears that "She will accept what given by god, and she will do her very best to love, care, and protect all of her children no mater what sickness they have." She is a brave mother, a love of a mother are powerful, mom willing to do anything even without her power to protect their children.

Mr Hung from the Life Care Society, and the Nurse are checking on Arnold Cesser leg. He give a painful look at the face when holding him up, and ask him to walk.

The legs of Arnold Cesser are starting to atrophy, he need a lot of physical exercise to shape up his legs. Poor little guy :(

L-R: Doctor Ting, Mr Pat and son, Mrs Pat and Son, Wilson Chin (me), Arnold Cesser, Retire Nurse, Mr Hung, Doctor Lee.


Anonymous said...

Wish could join you doing charity but our timing of work always criss-cross each other. You are so active in this kind of thing...i like too.


Wilson said...

Rook, you can join me next time. Just let me know ur time, and we can go together.