Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kuching Terminal to Sibu Terminal and Back to Kuching

Last week I had a very quick trip to Sibu not by air, nor land but by boat. And this is the first time I use boat to go to Sibu. I hate boat, but if I use a bus, it would take me around 6 to 7 hours, and the bus. Plane too expensive, where as this boat only cost me RM45 to get all the way to Sibu. The boat leave at 8:30am. Colin is with me as well, and he told me that this is the first time he’s going to Sibu.

This is the new terminal to go to Sibu, Tanjung Manis, Sarikei, and other rural area within Sarawak. But inside is empty, is a waste of money to the public. I don’t understand why doesn’t the “boss” fully utilize this terminal building. This is what happen when “genius” runs the city.

Is a direct sail ticket, wow this means that it will not transit to any terminal. This is what I like, I had a few bite of cookies this morning to give me energy. Just hope that is a smooth sail.

This is my ride, the “Bahagia No.1 Kuching” which mean the Happiness No.1, this boat had a sweet name.

This is the real view of the terminal, so where did I bought my ticket. Well is a small wooden house beside the terminal.

That day there’s also foreigners that day, some of them are from Italy. There is a big potential in Sarawak tourism, this can be one solution to boost our economy.

What a beautiful day today is, warm breeze, and no wave. I’m still at the Sarawak river, when the boat reach to south china sea, it will be a bumpy ride.

Police boat

Fisherman village

The bako industrial area, the Brooke Dockyard is near this area. This is where they assembly and build the ship.

That’s the Muara Tebas “Green Hill Temple”, it looks so tiny from here.

The water had change color from chocolate to green then blue, and I know I’m in the south china sea now.

Is more than 3 hours, and I’ve reach Tanjung Manis. My younger brother Kerry was there this morning on a company trip, so we meat at the boat, and he’s heading to Sarikei. Wait a sec… when I recall back, at my ticket there it wrote Direct Sail to Sibu!!! Great! I’m been cheat.

The time was 11:30am, and my brother told me that it would take 30min to reach Sibu. So from south china sea, now we’re in the Rajang river. The longest river at Sarawak.

12:03pm, this Direct Sail boat had stop at the Sarikei Terminal the Terminal Dua (second terminal). My brother and his colleague had gone to Sarikei, and will drive to Kuching today. Colin and I bid farewell to my brother, and we continue with our journey.

Due to the strong win, Colin and I had move from the ship deck into the VIP seat. And I’ve watch 2 horror movies non-stop, and we’re still not yet reach Sibu.

The boat craw like turtle, after dropping my brother at Sarikei 12.03pm. The time now is 1:45pm, phew….finally we have reach Sibu.

Bye bye “Happiness No.1 Kuching”. Is a good experience that can ride to Sibu by boat, but will I do this again….hm…maybe.

So without wasting anytime, we all quickly settle and finish our task at Sibu.

5:45pm, on my way back to Kuching. This time I’m the driver.

This is at the Sarikei division. We stop by to pay our water bills, and wash my face.

9:48pm, my friend is driving the car now with an average 120km/h. and we just reach the Sri Aman division.

10:28pm, reach Kuching.

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