Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunrise at Buntal, Santubong, Kuching

For photographer lover at Kuching, Buntal is the famous spot for Sunrise photography. And I had the opportunity to follow a few of my buddies to shoot sunrise photos last weekend.

Reached the place around 5.50AM, and it was still dawn. But slowly I can see the sun climbing up, and releasing that powerful sun-ray, shine on us. A very magnificent moment.

Here are some of the photos I took during before and after dawn. Enjoy :)


This is Buntal Village, it a fishing village, and have a few seafood restaurant here.

One of the drawback are this place are full of litter. A LOT....

Looks like the sun starts to rise slowly, I'm getting ready my camera, tailor the settings to capture this moment.

A fishing boat, this will make a perfect scene.

Another fishing boat, and the time are now 6.47AM. Within just one hour, the sun have give brightness to all of us.

Enjoying the scene with my buddies :)

Last but not least The top photographer. Wilson Chin


Coffee Girl said...

That is a very inspiring and lovely sunset. :-)

But u woke up so early just for this? wow. i wud need a lot of motivation for that. haha

Wilson said...

Coffee Girl, thanks :)
I'm not a morning guy, but if wanna take good sunrise photo then have to pay the price.

When I reached there, already are some other photographer lover waiting there for the sunrise.